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The name's Courtney. I tell stories & i love to laugh. sometimes i smile so much that my cheeks get sore...i have many interests and will talk about anything. Here you'll find journal entries & my perspective on Art, Music, Makeup, Fashion, Food, Film, Photography, Traveling, and everything inbetween. i've only lived for so long but i feel like i've experienced a lot. +there is deffinately nothing wrong with living to eat.
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Monday, June 29, 2009


i'm alive!
Sorry i've been on a little hiatis. i'm leaving Wednesday for Taipei, Taiwan so i guess i've just been playing my heart out, hanging out with friends, and such so i haven't been able to finish up any posts. I haven't even started packing (!) for that matter. So, yea it's a little crazy. i just am gonna miss them so much & i would hate to lose touch, so it should be understandable. i'm expecting an awsome awsome summer this year. Although, i'm a little scared of what i've been hearing, it doesn't have to be that way. I can make it go my way since I'm so good at manipulating muahahahaha. just kidding!!

i'm glad i enjoyed myself this week. i desevered it. all those all nighters paid off. i did really well on my finals!
However, for Bio and English? i have no idea since my teachers actually didn't show up. how typical of them. but i have no idea what to expect either. a) my english teacher hates me. and that's actually how she grades. it's a hate crime!! no mater how well i know i do, it don't make a difference. b) i couldn't even finish the bio test! i missed like 20 multiple choice questions!! ya know, i'm a slow worker. damn it.

well, i hope you guys have a great summer + i hope you've been checking out those great deals i've been talking about. i got some pretty nifty stuffies myself for waayy cheap, but unfortunately i won't be able to do a haul post cause i don't have them with me... i know, i'm a lazy ass.. but don't fret more posts to come! a lot has been going on and i have a lot to say.
In the mean while, enjoy this video of how to make the watermelon bomb. i don't know why they made this video so choppy since thier other ones are made better but i love this recipe!!!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back & Blah.

not sick anymore! &thank you guys for being so kind and thoughtful!
So today was the first day of summer and i almost felt like i didn't know what to do with this, freedom...it's really dissapointing. i blame it on yesturday, which was our pointless last day of school. The weather was grey, and here and there it would rain...the whole atmosphere was blah and gloomy. You could tell that everyone was tired and so fucused on getting out of there it was hard to end the year on a good note. But most of all, there was no "oh see you next year", "have a good summer!" nada! It makes me feel so sad. The last bell didn't even ring so it didn't feel like school officially ended either. NO CLOSURE.

+ clearly, i was wrong about my future predictions of Jon & Kate. i'm too hopeful i guess. So, they filed for devource. ain't ever goin' back. "We can only go forward" says Kate. which, yea, that would be pretty messed up if they got back together. And i know that people percieve her as a bitch but i really don't think so. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world (i believe) and she's scared of being a failure especially when it comes to raising 8 kids. I don't know guys, give her a break?
On a lighter note. i think i just found my new favoiurite movie. WALL-E. NO JOKE. So, for the last bock of the last school day our science teacher was absent so we joined with another teacher and watched Wall-E insted. We only got to see half of it, but i can already tell it's one of the funniest movies i have ever seen, if not the funniest. The writer and director Andrew Stanton is a genius!! He should so win an acedemy award for this!! He also won an Academy Award for 'Finding Nemo', however, i personlly didn't really like that movie b/c i found it to be too depressing since i like sobbed. a lot. i'm weird. i know. When i finish the movie, i'll do a full review. You know what's also sad though, almost no one in my class laughed. i was the only one laughing and loudly too. oy, high schoolers too embarrassed to show their inner kid. tsk.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Shit Storm's Never Ending.

SOOO.....i'm sick. really sick. with the stupid cold........................in the summer... STUPID RAIN! + looks like it's gonna rain all week here in New England. WHY!? Science final was pretty dreadful. i kept sniffling and sneezing and blowing my nose. i looked quite ill.

Right now, i'm cuddling in me robe and watching I Love Lucy. i love that show. :] [EXCUSE ME WHILE I BLOW MY NOSE]

Tomorrow i have an english and mandarin final. mandarin shouldn't be too hard, and english...well, i got sparknotes. so it's all good. Hope you guys had a better start of the week than i did!

Also. i bought the Multiple Blessings book yesturday and i'm pretty excited to start reading it!! at first i found it a little odd to find it in the Christian Inspirations section of B&N but it guess it makes sense...the title, duh! & 19 bucks?! i'm sorry but don't you guys make enough money? the show and all, i mean that's why Jon quit his job last year then bought a farari (or w.e.). well, at least i got a coupon and saved 6 bucks. it pays to be a member.

Tonight there's going to be a 1 hour "anouncement" episode @ 9. Of course, i'll be watching it (i'm lame, i know). i don't think they'll devource, and i strongly believe that. since i have mad fortune telling skills. i also made a post on them earlier.

until i'm better! BIG X & little x

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Up to Date.

so, i've noticed that you guys like these updates. which is interesting to me cuz i find it hard to believe that people take interest in my life. but than i look at other blogs and i do the same thing. so when you step back to look at the whole picture. WE'RE ALL STALKERS. Am i right, or am i right?

i am slow? i post on a weekly basis + i know, i know, i should update more often but i have priorities! not to put blogging on the backburner but i don't always have the time. and i blame this on my slow-ness at everything: homework, getting ready in the mornings (so i have to wake up at 5am on a daily basis except weekends), cooking- takes me 45 mins more than it should, eating- i'm always the last person to leave the table. i'm slow at life. & it's kinda sad since everyone wants my to hurry up BUT IT'S NOT MY FAULT GOT GAVE ME THIS GIFT! so school +right now studying for finals takes up a lot of my time.
School: i yet again pulled an allnighter on thurday night to obviously last minute study. although i was a little scared of the math final, i didn't study for that at all. which came to my luck since it was a complete joke. it was easier than the practice finals! wtf. but the wld history final? omg, believe me, i got at least a C+. no matter how much i study for history, it's just never good enough. *sigh* but it's weird that i'm feeling really calm about it... Well, bio, english, & mandarin finals this week. two more days and i'm so outta here (well, school atleast). Wednesday my dad's letting me skip school to do community service at the library. MUAHAHAHAH i feel bad ass. Even though i skipped school a couple times for taking-it-personal-days.......i have needs okay?
Shopping: it's no secret that there are major sales going on right now! IT HAPPENS EVERY SIX MONTHS HENCE SEMI-ANNUAL!! remember that ;] i have some awsome hauls but it'll probabaly take me a while to put them up, so get your asses out there and shop til ya drop!!
places to check out: Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, the Body Shop, Urban Outfitter's Basement, Old Navy, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, and check your local drug store- i know that cvs and walgreens has sales here and there.
current obsession: even though i have major chocolate needs, snacking on baby carrots :) hopefully it'll improve my eye sight ;] & they look so cute!
ahh a sea of baby carrots...carrots by buckstallion

they even look cute in Bento Boxes. I WANT A BENTO BOX!!

Bento 31 by Onna-giri, Bento 10 by droppedfork

p.s. check out the post before this. i think it's pretty facinating.

OH, +HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! have a good one!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Light & Sweet.

don't you love conceptual art?
then you have to check this other photographer out. not only is it conceptual but he's very scientificly clever about it. my friend Jess made a post about him. & i was completely amazed! this guy is a genius. it's the 1st photographer mentioned, there's a link on his name and it's the art section of his website. make sure to click on picture for the full view + read the captions! & thank jess for this post!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

feelin' lazy.

i'm sorry. i'm so tired. unorganized. unproductive. uninspired. unmotivated. all-the-place. lazy. hence the lack of postings. i don't know why exactly it's taking so long to finish the wayyy over-due posts but they'll be up eventually. So as we all know (or may not know) father's day is comming up. i had to look up the date for that but wtf?! it changes every year??? why can't it just be simply one day? then i realized it's because it has to be on a Sunday. well, if you want to know the date for the next 2 years. here ya go.

So turns out it's good that it changes every year, since every Sunday is family day (minus the presence of mom). i don't know what to get...i was thinkin' the Kenzo Power for men. which smells so amazingly good, i would wear it, seriously. it's still masuculin, though. it smells kinda lemony gingery...i cannot describe scents well.... but if you're like me and you like some masculin scents check out this post.
hmmm...i'm just gonna concentrate on school right now since appearently that's what makes him most happy. But i cannot believe we're still in school for another 2 1/2 weeks. i should be on summer vacation right now scoping the city for hot urban boys (& gansters for my friend). insted, not only do i have to study for finals but we're still learning new shit! Have i mentioned i hate school? Oh, and btw, thank god the drama's over. i can finally concentrate on more improtant things.
upcomming posts:
"Disinfect to Protect"
Pop's Birthday
17 Again - Movie review
Current Music Obsession
Shopping Haul - i'm wallet is SO hurting right now

Things i'd like to accomplish before i leave (July 1st):
~do well on finals
~re-organize room

~get toned. - jesus christ i gained an unhealthy 14 pounds since last year! i hate scales. they tell bad news.
~eat more healthy foods- processed doesn't even taste that good. and possibly stop those cravings if i even know how?
~Do Yoga- i've been neglecting it & it has taken a toll on my mind & body.
~have a clothing yard sale with my friends- better than sending it to a vintage store, since you get to set the prices. i want to make my own mulla! for once in my life.

P.S. can you keep a secret?? i. want. a. lip. peircing.
just a little side one. it'll be cute okayyyy????? and if it's not i'll let it close up. :[ more on that later though.

~until next week!

P.P.S. I posted a tag before this and it's dedicated to you, my followers. so you bitches should do it. ;)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Okie Dokes.

this is old, old, old, but i been meaning to do this open tag which i got from Sara Says Awsome. She & her blog is full of awsome-ness. you have to check her out. So, here's the Tag: Six Unimportant Things that Make You Happy

1) perfectly GREEN GRASS- the color, the texture, the fresh smell (if it even has a smell), the dewy-ness in the mornings, combing the tangles with my fingers...... i love it!
Grass typewriter by ~supertim
i thought this was a cool picture. a typewriter taken over by grass

2) Drinking in Glass Bottles- i don't know why but it almost makes a drink taste so much better! plus it makes it look more classy i guess is the word...(basically what i'm trying to say is it dresses up the drink.) i poured orange juice into my vintage coca-cola bottle- best orange juice i've ever tasted. hah!

Coke by !Dominiclevitt on deviantART

3) Clocks- of all shapes, sizes, and colors. i collect them! my collection is more modern but i'd like to expand with antiuqe ones.

4) Tealight Candles [+ only tealight!]- i get them in bulk @ ikea, they have amazing sents. i think they burn wayyy better and actually disperse the scent, when i use 2-3 at a time.

FLM01 - Selective Depth by *darwin2kx on deviantART

5) Coffee- i love sneaking out to the town center during school to grab a cup of jo. i love unwinding as the luquid warms the soul :). & the smell! ah!!! (& no i am not at all addicted. i just like it.) Oh! you have to try this. it's my favourite @ starbucks- Cinnimon Dulce. i sadly just discovered it.

coffee by ~arTisTinDaMaKing on deviantART
Time to coffee by ~BlackBerry199 on deviantART
yum. i love the holiday themed.

6) Flowers. i don't think i have to say much, but they are so pretty!
Blushing in the afternoon sun by ~Not-of-this-age on deviantART
cherry blossom by ~freakyncheeky on deviantART
& i TAG: anyone who wants to do it! so it's an open tag. i think it's a fun quick post to do. i don't know why this took me such a long time to come up with probably cuz i change my mind so often... i basically did a lot of this: "oh wait...that's actually important to me.."
just comment telling me you did it and i'll be sure to check it out. or you can just listing the 6 unimportant things that make you happy :]

feelin' green.

just a fun "photoshoot" with my bestie allison, who has a really cute blog and is really good at photography. i'm just an amature playing around with a camra. enjoy! muddy foot.& my favourite.more to come. allison took some amazing pictures with her pentax and they're on film...so when i get my scanner going........
+ visit allison's blog! it's so cute and she writes really poetic. http://allisonhmm.blogspot.com/
have a great weekend!

What have I got myself into...

Journal entry #12
Appearently last year a friend went to that camp i was talking about in Taiwan called OCAC. i hadn't talked to him in 5 years until now so i had no idea he went to this camp. Well, it's an international camp that teaches Mandarin and the culture. And yes, French people go. But he was talking about it and he was like "there's a lot of hooking up, drinking, and smoking". i. was. stunned. WHAT THE HELL HAS MY DAD GOT ME AND MY BROTHER INTO!? i just wanted to have fun (not that kind of fun) and enjoy myself. i am so sick of my town. i just want to get out of here! but now i'm having second thoughts... And oh some piece on advice that my friend gave me "Courtney, don't go around hooking up with too many guys okay?" i don't know what kind of person you think i am but i am deffinately not what you think. Sweet Jesus, please protect me from this scary scary world. I BEG YOU!

this reminds me of this song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZt_8-dr_w8 don't watch the video it's quite terrible and it'll ruin the song which i quite like, but it doesn't mean i want to be a juvenile delinquent!!

Friday, June 5, 2009


So my friend mentioned this video the other day....and um..............just watch.
Slug Documentary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSW9kWIRCOQ
+ tell me what you think! it's the weirdest thing i've ever seen.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Update [5/1/09].

Hello, Hello!like my editing? yea, not gonna lie it's sloppy. it's my first time with photoshop so give me a break!
Wow, i'm on a roll! So, i'm sorry i don't really keep 'on schedule' when it comes to the beginning of the month's upcomming posts. But, i do post them eventually...

i have two more posts that i need to finish off for May then i'll move on to this month. I hate how blogger does that but anyway, just a warning for this month....GUESS......i'm gonna be super busy!!! i have 5 Finals and a Bio Mcas is comming up which is proabably the one mcas test i worry most about since i didn't learn shit this year b/c my teacher has no idea what she's talking about...i should have switched to a different teacher...big mistake, but i won't make it again. Oh! by the way, i believe i did really well on the English Composition, and the Math mcas since they were super duper easy. i won't know the results until probably january but i'm feelin' good about it! the parents with be proud.

Also, my rooms a mess. it's amazing how i clean it up, but it takes just one day to mess it all up again. oy. my desk will never see the light (til schools over). i went to ikea with my pops and brother to furnish our newly bought apartment in boston. We're not moving or anything my dad just wanted to own some property to keep for the future when my brother and i go off to college in the city. We also picked up a futon for my brother (which is really comfy) and a new bedframe for my room. i will do the room tour once my room is tidy-ed up which won't be for awhile...:[

apartment view!

Health: You know what's really weird? twitching eyes are a sign of sleep deprivision but my left eye has been pulsing all week! & i'm recently slept more.i have no idea whats going on there but i'm gonna look it up. + every once in awhile my RLS (restless leg syndrome) will act up on me which is really annoying. just 30 minutes ago i was in extreme pain and since i ran out of my meds my dad suggested advil. IT WORKS!!! wtf? i could have just used that all this time? oh advil and tylonol i love you. last week i had a headache almost everyday. they saved the day.

Current Obsessions:

Ugly Betty- holy crap, amazing finale! missed it? www.abc.com

Big Bang & Wondergirls (Korean bands)- i will do a post on them soon!,

Maybelline Lash Stiletto- gives the best deffinition. it's even better than my higher end ones! a must try.

Ikea cookies: Singoalla brand Raspberry filled- cheap and super yummy.

IKEA.-best home furnishing store ever. EVER. the way i see it. it's a toy superstore. metaphorically, ofcourse.

Upcomming Posts: Nature Photoshoot, Jon & Kate Plus 8 Responce, Little Things Tag, Art Auction- journal entry, & some random posts.

*AH! and i must mention.* So a makeup guru on Youtube and blogger, Tiffany D., has a GHD straightener deal! the GHD is probably the world's best straightener brand. it heats up within seconds, and automatically shuts down when not in use, to not burn down your house, yea, it happens. And there are so many styling options! check out her blog for more information & take advantage of this deal! (btw retails for $250+) infact, i'm so afraid it's going to sell out i'm gonna buy it right now. planning on getting the pure. ends June 15! http://makeupbytiffanyd.blogspot.com/2009/06/another-awesome-ghd-deal.html

i have a feeling this will be a productive week probably since i'm in such an uplifting mood :) wish me luck!