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Monday, February 16, 2009

Axe: Dark Temptations

is it just me or does Axe Dark Temptations with hints of chocolate sound outrageously good. just talking about it makes my heart melt like hot fude over icecream. i usually hate all the axe sents but i am completely willing to give Axe another chance at love {lol}. i'm probably gonna implore/force my brother to go out and buy it "for himself" but i'll probably just spray it around my room for myself lol. even the pakaging seems tempting!Ugh i really want to love this product! please don't let me down.

i love the original Old Spice body sprays and deoterants. my guy friend actually wears it all the time and whenever we hug i always make sure to take a deep wiff. IT. IS. SO. GOOD. and p.s. i steal my brother's old spice deoterant every now and then. i like it a lot better than the one i'm using (degree) and all the others i've tried (dove, secret, ban). it actually gives bursts of fragrance through out the day. it's not too manly or musky it's just right. infact it has a fresh minty sweet undertone. & i love the fast drying gel formula!

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  1. omg i so cant! he wont tell me and it makes me a little mad hahaha but hopefully i can...