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Monday, February 16, 2009

2009 Fashion Ad Campaigns

as you may know. i haven't been very inspired by fashion lately. infact i had no idea what fashion trend there were for his winter. but right now doesn't even feel like a defined season, so i guess it's a good excuss to just wear anything which i pretty much have been doing. but as fall fashion week went by i was so impressed. The upcomming seasons' collections i believe have a lot of inspiring elements. i haven't really been looking at fashion shows but flipping through glossy magazine pages and i saw some campaign ads that really caught my eye. i'm no fashion expert but i know what i like. {p.s.i was doing my research i was completely surprised to see lilly Danldson in 99% of the ad campaigns i can't believe that she was such in high demand but she definately delivered}
Dolce & Gabana Spring/Summer Collection '09: modeling: Jessica Stam, Gemma Ward (don't retire!), & Lily Dolaldson
Photography by Steven Klein (genius)
inspiration: from a contemporary artist's loft
Revenge of the Nerds: Even the men's line was pretty impressive. i loved the color combinations, silks, and stripes & those bold black glasses. As always D&G is on point with the fitting. {Milan Fashion Week}

D&G Winter 2008/2009: DARK Glamour: finally something inspiring for winter. kinda fantasy-esc with a evil rebellion vibe. loving the gowns & the ery makup!
looks like they're on a mission lol. but i love it.
Modeling: Jessica Stam, Lily Donaldson, Caroline Trentini
Photographer: Steven Klein
Ralph Lauren's Fall 2009 - THE GOLD STANDARD: Indiana Jones influence - sefari with metalic gold accents. no campaign but i saw an ad with just runway shots and it was GLISTENING GOLD.

Gucci spring/summer:
inspiration from a tropical rainforest: flowers, butterflies, snakes, + vegetation.

i thought this was just okay. what i think brought me in the the butterfly inspired deep purple eye & the drapped dress in the first picture.look at those strappy stilettos! & milan fashion week men's collection which i liked a lot!

Gucci Fall 08 - Winter 09 Men's & Women's Ad Campaign:
modeling: Lily Donaldson, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Eniko Mihalik
Photography by Inez van Lamsweerde &Vinoodh Matadin
my favourite:how amazing is this?! so well put together from the tribal prints to the beading, metal belts & embellishments, to the makeup. gucci has got me this time. {it's a plus that it's my kinda style}. for the full spread of this campain ad go to http://www.hautfashion.com/fashion-ads/gucci-fall-2008-winter-2009-ad-campaign - great story background. i think i'm gonna look up some of these models' works cus they did an amazing job capturing abatract/artistic feel. & look at that scenery.

Burberry Prorsum {S/S 09}: finally mixtures of flowery textures and prints. sounds like spring but the collection is very Autumn inspired with the colors of dead leaves & dried flowers. a big improvement from thier last fall collection (which was all flat out black & teased hair. cool but nothing really inspiring.) & these flower neclaces are really eye catching.
modeling: Alexina Graham, Eden Clark, Lily Donaldson and musician George Craig,
Photography by Mario Testino
inspiration: greenhouse

Louis Vuitton S/S 09 Ad Campaign
with Material Girl herself : Madonna
Photography by Steven Meisel & Creative Director: Marc Jacobs
“It’s a big change from what we were doing. It tells a story,” said Antoine Arnault, Vuitton’s director of communications. “This I think is an amazing coup, but more than that, there’s real logic behind it. It’s very linked to Marc’s fashion show.”

i actually really like the color combinations of this with pops of vibrant moss and pumpkin orange here and there but nothing about it seems spring/summer at all more like fall. However Madonna was a great choice. i love seeing Madonna in ad campaigns. it shows off her unique dance-like modeling & attitude.