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Thursday, February 26, 2009

is. happy. {update}

Where: home
um. got myself together.
Wearing: Accesorizing
Marie Claire & Allure
Listening: Favourite Worst Nightmare Album by The Arctic Monkeys (listening to it religiously)
Eating: Margarita pizza & Broccoli w/ cheese
Wanting: spending time with friends + Prada heels!
Needing: a new pair of shoes (my converse are ripped up)
woah. am i getting better or am i getting better?! i don't know what it is but i've been doing so good this week. not just this week but appearently even before vacation according the the progress reports! 3rd quarter is lookin' good. & i feel good. Probably because of the much needed feb break. thanks dad! my brother and i are probably going to Georgia again this april vacation. which calls for frequent updates. gahhh i have 4 drafts for ya!
upcomming events...
i'm so excited to go to a Kings of Leon concert! they are one of my favourite bands. hopefully i my head won't be pounding whatever tylanol and earplugs DUH!

i'm gonna dye my hair a kind of purple black color. i'll do a before and after.

i planned a get together with my friends cuz high school is crazy and i don't get to see all of them as much as i'd hope. so it's basically downtown boston, hvd sq., haymarket, etc. then this amazing taiwanese resturant in chinatown. since a lot of them haven't experienced one of my favourite kinds of food in the world [there is a difference with chinese...not as good]. you just have to look around to find something interesting to do, sometimes it't right infromt of you.

MAC- i haven't gotten anything from yet :( but the packeging is actually kinda gross and tacky . like makes me want to throw up gross. except for the lip conditioners. which i've been eyeing and planning to get in popster & pink fish before they sell out. i don't know why people aren't attracted to popster. it's so pretty!
anyway this is MAC's Hello Kitty ad campaign for wild vs. mild
let me say that i am not at all i'mpressed infact i found it tacky & boring.

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