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The name's Courtney. I tell stories & i love to laugh. sometimes i smile so much that my cheeks get sore...i have many interests and will talk about anything. Here you'll find journal entries & my perspective on Art, Music, Makeup, Fashion, Food, Film, Photography, Traveling, and everything inbetween. i've only lived for so long but i feel like i've experienced a lot. +there is deffinately nothing wrong with living to eat.
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

oy. (update)

my friends and i fooling around on the trampoline. i stepped on her butt lol
i've been really busy lately with schoolwork and drama kind of making things worse. i'm so exhausted and it's only 3 days into the week after April's Spring Break which went by like hot cakes. Lately i've been working out & yoga-ing a lot to de-stress which has been quite effective. And this weather is, ugh, hot hot hot! So naturally i've been dreading running, luckily i have a trampoline so at around 7 p.m. when it's cooler, i'll start jumping. My neighbors probably think i'm a little odd jumping on the trampoline all alone at around dinner time but my brother won't do it with me so, ya know. gotta gain some muscles! i do about 14 minutes a day which is equivalent to running for 20 minutes! And i feel the difference! it's good on the joints, i don't have to work as hard, and it's deffinetly way more effective. For the past 3 months i've been running 3 days a week and it is nothing compared to what the trampoline has done. amazing! Also, i've been using Benefiber with my water and it deffinatly has curbed my cravings. And oh! i was watching my daily Oprah and there's a new brain surgery for weight loss! Suprised? but it makes sense since craving are a metal drive. Appearently this lady had lipo, gastric bypass, excorised, dieted, and nothing worked until this! She even said that she now makes better healthier decisions when she eats. Amazing what technology can do. Right now i'm focusing on having some sleek toned Michelle Obama arms.

more posts to come! they're currently in draft form so they'll appear before this.
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

the STROKES are BACK!!!

I don't know about you but this is pretty exciting news esp. since they are one of my favourite bands of all time aka LEGENDS. over the years there were rumors spreading: "oh next year they'll come out with a new album!" then the next year, and the next would come by and nothing. BUT. Finally, my prayers were answered and they're officially back! they describe thier upcomming album's sound 'a mixture of 70's rock and "music from the future"'. & appearently Parrell Williams is interested in producing it. i'm looking forward to it!
One of my Favourite Music Videos Ever. EVER.
Jules was sporting a pretty niffy jacket i must say. & even when drowning in blacked waters they still do it sexy.
they also did a remake in the recent years with a outer space take on the song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBgVtT3qA2M
'Juice Box' [warning: it is sexual.] but i think it's funny as hell. i love a band that can make fun of themselves. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pch6jSp7VPk
Albert Hammond Jr. (the guitarist and occasional lead vocal) has since been working on his own solo work which has been quite impressive- the album 'Yours to Keep' is out and i am definatley buying it! he also has a similar voice to Casablancas- that raspy classic rock type voice with a passion behind it- which i believe is to die for. do check him out!
this is "Call an Ambulance"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kings of Leon

can you spot the cave man? jk!I went to a Kings of Leon concert over spring break and it was seriously beyond awesome. i had stupidly missed the one in november so when i heard they were comming back to Boston i had to buy their tickets! Two words: no regrets. I really enjoyed myself. In fact the best concert I’ve been to by far and I’ve been to a few. They’re sound is a modern version of classic rock. With Caleb’s raspy voice and amazing melodies…ugh I can’t describe it, listen to it yourself! Anyway it’s a family band with 3 brothers and a cousin. My friend thought the drummer kind of looked like a civilized caveman and not gonna lie, she was right. Their most famous song, Sex on Fire, is probably the single most thing that got them really popular since the past year. It’s about, well…pretty self explanatory. You may find it weird but Caleb explained it as just about having great sex, which, there is really nothing wrong with. None the less, a great song. Of course it was one of the hits of the night was. But the highlight was their single ‘Use Somebody’. Everyone was so into the moment ohhing with the song and singing along, it was GREAT.
If you like their music, their concert is a must see! they are 10 times better live! With an awsome light show, live footage on flat screens, & ofcourse the smoke of dry ice filling the stage. And nothing beats the Live energy of the band and the audiance.

Their cd 'Only by the Night' is out now. i didn't have a chance to buy it but once i do i will do a review.

MV OF 'USE SOMEBODY': http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCZfJ5ai07U

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Live Better Longer.

Living in America can give you opportunities and experience but believe me America's lifestyle? one word: unhealthy. We are dealing with so many health issues from diabeties, heart disease, and obesity at more higher rates than others around the world. That alone says something. it's quite sad. Oprah had an interesting topic for one of her shows dedicated to Hot Spots around the world. Where the oldest healthiest people live the longest from areas in japan and italy. Here are some highlights:Naps. give yourself atleast 40 minutes a day to just rest. daily naps was proved to lowers chances of a heart attack and i think it's overall better for your health. you wake up calm and more energized.

Vitamin D i'm not telling you to bake in the sun, but now a days Americans are staying indoors so much, they don't get enough vitamin D so take a walk. all you need is 15 minutes in the sun a day but still shield your face and neck with uva/uvb protection aka sun screen.

Chores! tired of working out? you can burn a lot of calories just sweeping the floor! Clearing the air and the clutter, i believe, can also help clear up your mind. just one less thing to think about. the key thing is start anywhere. & the interesting thing about this is that the people featured on the oprah show live simple lives with little or no technology, so they do everything themselves and by hand. They don't even have to think about exorcising since it's already apart of thier everyday life. Most Americans on the other hand have to set time aside to workout. how inefficiant is that?

Water. you may be feeling hungry...or is it thirst? try drinking a whole glass of water before knowing for sure. as you all know water is good for you. & i'm sorry to say but it doesn't improve your skin in any way. but do it for your body's sake. it'll help cleanse your insides. Antioxidents like blueberries and acai berries can also detox your body but from the inside out.

Diet. Japan is known to have the most long-living people. their secret to staying healthy? take your time to eat and only until your 80% full and no more. they have this saying that they say all the time to remind themselves but anyway it is so simple, i feel stupid. why didn't i think of that! for the past year i've been eating so fast that before i knew it i was bloated. ...haha

here are some other simple changes you can make for your diet:
insted of Soda (diet or regular cause they're both bad) opt for Water.

Supstitute Mayonaies for Avacado -no oils, no fat, just amazing creamy taste
ice cream-->Yogurt -now they come in yummy flavors & contains good-for-you bacteria
Fruit Bars-->REAL Fruit -cut out the high fructose corn syup and chilled fruit is just as refreshing
White Bread-->Wheat -white is all sugars, wheat has the good stuff
processed foods(e.g. hotdogs)& meat --> Vegetables -cut down on meat, not only is it better for the environment but vegetables provide more nutrients and they can still provide protein like soy (i don't know about you but i love tofu)
other good for you ingrediants:
try mixing Benefiber into your water. fiber is not only good for you but helps curb hunger. so you feel fuller longer.
i honestly hate milk with a passion but recently my brother introduced the brand Over the Moon. fat free and contains more calcium. let me tell you. BEST STUFF EVER!!! it's creamy and the taste is so rich. it's a little more expensive but so worth it.
finally something to dunk my cookies in x]. you could also choose goat milk? but i've never tried it.
Mindset. view life like you have a purpose. not just to pursue your dreams but to help others like volunteering with the community. Surround yourself with fun loving people. & be youthful and positive.

Give Some Time to Yourself. to relax the mind and body (i'm suprised they didn't mention this) & no this does not include sleeping or watching your favourite tv show, as relaxing as that sounds. But try putting in mediation or yoga into your everyday routine. And you can set it anyway you want. i mean don't exactly do yoga... i light candles, i listen to indie, close my eyes and do my own form of yoga which includes stretching and ab workouts then i go straight to bed. that's my nightly routine in a nutshell.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hello, Hello!

omg! so your probably tired of hearing this but yup. i'm still busy as hell! [no suprise] Last quarter had just finished and i've been doing SO well. ...or i hope so. it would make sense since i worked MY BUTT OFF. i wasn't able to get my report card yet but i hope its around the B+ range. except for english. i mean, that teacher is never gonna change. more on that later. so....hmmm a lot's been going on.
here are the highlights:
~i got my haircut and...it is the most dramatic thing i've ever done! phew! it's an asymetrical A-line Bob. and i'd hav to say it took me awhile to get used to but it's cute. x] (photos soon)
~Vacation in 1 week!!!! see this is why i like MA public schools- a vacation in February and another in April! while others have march break + have to wait again til summer. so this calls for a lot more posts!
~ Talking about Vacation...my brother and i got accepted to this International Taiwan camp thing...i have no idea what the official name is....but yea i'll pretty much be gone or the whole summer. not from his Laptop, ofcourse.
~Lately i've been saving a lot of $$ which has been accumulating from washing a lot of dishes i'm saving for something...but i don't know what...what to do, what to do....OMG. I WANT A DOG! [if you don't already know my one and only baby passed last nov. this is my brother cradling him.] ~new url! i wanted something short, simple, sweet, catchy, and easy to remember compared to the the old sugarandspicearenice.blogspot.com. so this is what i came up with. i know i'm not the most uplifting person coming from all the stressful complaints about school. but i'm getting there! haha.
current obsessions:
it's a Korean boyband that stands for Dong Bang Shin Ki which means "Raising God of the East"
cheesy i know. but if you like Justin Timberlake belive me. you'll LOVE DBSK. Lately i've been obsessing over Korean Bands...here's thier most famous song Mirotic.

Ugly Betty
i Love this show. at first i thought i was medeocre but i've come to love it. you don't need to be fashion obsessed to like the fashion-obsessed personalities.
you can watch free episode @ http://abc.go.com/
Eating Sweets.
Being Spontaneous.
my friend,Viki, came up with some prettygood pick up lines.
"I wish my homework was asexual so it could do itself."
"You make my flippy disk go to hard drive."
until later