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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kings of Leon

can you spot the cave man? jk!I went to a Kings of Leon concert over spring break and it was seriously beyond awesome. i had stupidly missed the one in november so when i heard they were comming back to Boston i had to buy their tickets! Two words: no regrets. I really enjoyed myself. In fact the best concert I’ve been to by far and I’ve been to a few. They’re sound is a modern version of classic rock. With Caleb’s raspy voice and amazing melodies…ugh I can’t describe it, listen to it yourself! Anyway it’s a family band with 3 brothers and a cousin. My friend thought the drummer kind of looked like a civilized caveman and not gonna lie, she was right. Their most famous song, Sex on Fire, is probably the single most thing that got them really popular since the past year. It’s about, well…pretty self explanatory. You may find it weird but Caleb explained it as just about having great sex, which, there is really nothing wrong with. None the less, a great song. Of course it was one of the hits of the night was. But the highlight was their single ‘Use Somebody’. Everyone was so into the moment ohhing with the song and singing along, it was GREAT.
If you like their music, their concert is a must see! they are 10 times better live! With an awsome light show, live footage on flat screens, & ofcourse the smoke of dry ice filling the stage. And nothing beats the Live energy of the band and the audiance.

Their cd 'Only by the Night' is out now. i didn't have a chance to buy it but once i do i will do a review.

MV OF 'USE SOMEBODY': http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCZfJ5ai07U

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