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The name's Courtney. I tell stories & i love to laugh. sometimes i smile so much that my cheeks get sore...i have many interests and will talk about anything. Here you'll find journal entries & my perspective on Art, Music, Makeup, Fashion, Food, Film, Photography, Traveling, and everything inbetween. i've only lived for so long but i feel like i've experienced a lot. +there is deffinately nothing wrong with living to eat.
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Friday, December 26, 2008

simple cures: the headache

advil not working? it may not cure it but it does ease the pain!
for headaches & feeling stuffy:
(like the times when you stare at the computer screen for 5 straight hours! ahem!)

remody: brushed teeth + iced water = a clear head and refreshed feeling.

try using a minty or cinamon toothpaste for a stronger effect and avoid the fruity ones.

drink acouple glasses of iced water

eating acidy fruits help give a refreshing feeling like oranges & grapefruit.

you can also throw in some mouth rinse (after brushed teeth) and lemon slices into ur water for an extra omph.

& Rest. - get off that computer or tv! and take a nap!

i randomly thought of this when i one day got the headache and i'm so glad it's worked ever since! i live by it! & dairy prodocts are a no-no. (i wonder if an ice pack to the forehead works...)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Winter Must Haves (10)

1) Jackets (of course). -of all kinds. what ever flatters you. and its always good to have a few.
2) Moisterizing Body Lotions (that actually work!!)
my fabulous find??? Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. the consistency is light and non-oily but it works as if it were thick! lasts the ENTIRE day and night and leaves a nice sheen. Me, being obsessed with lotion has gone through a lot of different brands. and this takes the GOLD! usually by the end of the day i'll have to reapply on my shins and anckles cuz they'll be cracked but with this, i don't have too! plus its super afordable. you can get it at costco! exciting.
3) Scarves
4) Hand lotion
5) Moisterizing Hand Soap
-You have to try bath&body work's antibacterial MOISTERIZING hand soaps- AMAZING! & i've tried a lot of hand soaps, they usually just dry out my hand even being "moisterizing", however, these leave your hands feeling soft, clean, and smooth. as they should! plus they leave a light pleasent scent behind. Get them in bulk! (right now they're on sale for 3 for $10)

6)Robe(s): a bath one, a cozy lay-around-the-house one, or both! -i recently got a fleece one and i ADORE IT. it is so absolutely warm. i wear it everywhere around the house. even to sleep sometimes!

7) Comforters. it's basically a really padded fluffy quilt filled with wool, feathers, etc. -it's a definate must for the winter. seriously all you need on your bed and you don't have to clean it often just wash the covers every now and then (sold separately). you can get a good priced one at ikea for 30bucks compared to $50-$200 at macy's or target even.

8) Hot Chocolate & Coffee with honey and marshmellows and whatever you warms the soul.

9) Presents & 10) Love. there can never be enough during the holidays!

just a quick update on what i've been obsessing over this winter :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! may it be moisturized, warm, + loving.

playlist: Mellow rhythm with Big Beats (and the bass!)

  • Thier Cell - Girl in a Coma
  • Valerie - Amy Winehouse
  • Warwick Avenue - Duffy
  • Scartissue- Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Otherside - Red Hot Chili Peppers

favourite blog: "That's Chic" by Raych http://www.thatschic.blogspot.com/

Monday, December 22, 2008

Fashion Inspirations

TOP Fashion Icon: Cory Kennedy. her style is so innovative. she mixes and matches things you wouldn't normally put together but somehow she makes it work which i find to be very inspiring. her personality shows through her clothes very quirky and very cool.

other inspirations: Mary Kate, Blair Waldarf, Ashlee Simpson, men's fashion, MGMT, New Young Pony Club (music/bands), INDIE, skateboarders, seasons, colors, patterns, &art.

btw it took me years to find my place in fashion. just keep looking at things that appeal to you and one day it'll just click. your wardrobe & style will all come together and...flow...lol..

my style is effortless cool, basically all over the place. INDIE/ELECTRIC eclectic? is how i would describe it. i know that indie is a music genre but i don't know how else to describe it. it makes sense to me! anyway, I'm liking plaid, v-necks, tights, headwraps, knee-high boots & chuncky jackets right now although i will probably forever love this stuff. p.s. my brother and i have similar style. (he's a skateboarder so you can imagine what he generally would wear.) we pretty much compliment each other. odd but cool.
i believe that nothing is really "in/out of style". you can make anything work. the key is to just carry it with confidence. it's all about reinventing & layering by mixing and matching. (i know i probably sound like a life coach right now but it's So true. people will recognize that you have a style/that your comfortable in ur own clothes:) e.g. models have to wear clothes that aren't thier style or preference all the time but they have to sell it. and how? though confidence!)

tip: Nylon is my favourite magazine esp. for FASHION. they're very creative and have interesting fashion ideas. i love thier fashion spreads and editorials. highly recommemded. like no other!!! also. i've been shopping at urban outfitters a lot lately. they have some pretty nifty stuff. also don't forget to check out thier bargin basment where you can get t-shirts for as low as 5 bucks!!


so this is pretty much where i'll be talking about anything & everything. just a way to express my ideas and for others to comment on their perspective. i'm interested in different oppinions & point of views so say whats on your mind!

when i say anything & everything i mean it!!
in this blog i'm interested in voicing my oppionion on A LOT of things: from Food, Fashion, Makeup, Music, Books, TV shows, school, & lifestyle, i'm treating this blog as my person journal that i'm willing to share with the public eye. i have a craving to learn what's out there. to make life easier or find inspiration. i like being well rounded and cultured so i think that's why my interests are all over the place. To me, it's not about being a certain type, it's about seeing what's out there and taking in what you admire. and what you admire can be a whole mash up of things and that's what makes you the individual that you are. (wow that was deep lol)

my life lesson: my friends and i would go out to many of the school events from watching improv troupe, the school play, and yes, even other schools' asian nights. even though some of the events sounded potentially cheezy (ahem, asian night) or may not have been as good as expected, every single event ended up being really fun. because we made it fun. and i realized that it was because my friends and i were optomistic and were really open to new ideas. all you need is some optimism. no matter the outing, they were willing to experience what was out there with me. and we could always count on each other for entertainment. plus it always became a good discussion point. but most of all i was with people i enjoyed being around.

p.s. don't bring along friend(s) that are pessimistic or aren't so into the idea of being spontaneous because they will seriously be a drag. So go out to those school events, concerts, or watch a "stupid" movie. you'll never know if you like it or not until you experience it. and doing so with a group of friends or family will make the experience so much better. they're there to do these "stupid" things with you, because along the way, all together, they're there to help you find who YOU are, all unconciously doing so.