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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Winter Must Haves (10)

1) Jackets (of course). -of all kinds. what ever flatters you. and its always good to have a few.
2) Moisterizing Body Lotions (that actually work!!)
my fabulous find??? Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. the consistency is light and non-oily but it works as if it were thick! lasts the ENTIRE day and night and leaves a nice sheen. Me, being obsessed with lotion has gone through a lot of different brands. and this takes the GOLD! usually by the end of the day i'll have to reapply on my shins and anckles cuz they'll be cracked but with this, i don't have too! plus its super afordable. you can get it at costco! exciting.
3) Scarves
4) Hand lotion
5) Moisterizing Hand Soap
-You have to try bath&body work's antibacterial MOISTERIZING hand soaps- AMAZING! & i've tried a lot of hand soaps, they usually just dry out my hand even being "moisterizing", however, these leave your hands feeling soft, clean, and smooth. as they should! plus they leave a light pleasent scent behind. Get them in bulk! (right now they're on sale for 3 for $10)

6)Robe(s): a bath one, a cozy lay-around-the-house one, or both! -i recently got a fleece one and i ADORE IT. it is so absolutely warm. i wear it everywhere around the house. even to sleep sometimes!

7) Comforters. it's basically a really padded fluffy quilt filled with wool, feathers, etc. -it's a definate must for the winter. seriously all you need on your bed and you don't have to clean it often just wash the covers every now and then (sold separately). you can get a good priced one at ikea for 30bucks compared to $50-$200 at macy's or target even.

8) Hot Chocolate & Coffee with honey and marshmellows and whatever you warms the soul.

9) Presents & 10) Love. there can never be enough during the holidays!

just a quick update on what i've been obsessing over this winter :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! may it be moisturized, warm, + loving.

playlist: Mellow rhythm with Big Beats (and the bass!)

  • Thier Cell - Girl in a Coma
  • Valerie - Amy Winehouse
  • Warwick Avenue - Duffy
  • Scartissue- Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Otherside - Red Hot Chili Peppers

favourite blog: "That's Chic" by Raych http://www.thatschic.blogspot.com/


  1. aw, i just luv ur blog. go ahead!
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  2. thank you! i will try them out :)