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Monday, December 22, 2008

Fashion Inspirations

TOP Fashion Icon: Cory Kennedy. her style is so innovative. she mixes and matches things you wouldn't normally put together but somehow she makes it work which i find to be very inspiring. her personality shows through her clothes very quirky and very cool.

other inspirations: Mary Kate, Blair Waldarf, Ashlee Simpson, men's fashion, MGMT, New Young Pony Club (music/bands), INDIE, skateboarders, seasons, colors, patterns, &art.

btw it took me years to find my place in fashion. just keep looking at things that appeal to you and one day it'll just click. your wardrobe & style will all come together and...flow...lol..

my style is effortless cool, basically all over the place. INDIE/ELECTRIC eclectic? is how i would describe it. i know that indie is a music genre but i don't know how else to describe it. it makes sense to me! anyway, I'm liking plaid, v-necks, tights, headwraps, knee-high boots & chuncky jackets right now although i will probably forever love this stuff. p.s. my brother and i have similar style. (he's a skateboarder so you can imagine what he generally would wear.) we pretty much compliment each other. odd but cool.
i believe that nothing is really "in/out of style". you can make anything work. the key is to just carry it with confidence. it's all about reinventing & layering by mixing and matching. (i know i probably sound like a life coach right now but it's So true. people will recognize that you have a style/that your comfortable in ur own clothes:) e.g. models have to wear clothes that aren't thier style or preference all the time but they have to sell it. and how? though confidence!)

tip: Nylon is my favourite magazine esp. for FASHION. they're very creative and have interesting fashion ideas. i love thier fashion spreads and editorials. highly recommemded. like no other!!! also. i've been shopping at urban outfitters a lot lately. they have some pretty nifty stuff. also don't forget to check out thier bargin basment where you can get t-shirts for as low as 5 bucks!!

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