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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Mental Storm Ain't Over.

Journal Entry #13haha! isn't this great?

Alright, so I’ve finally found the time to blog. I came home early Thursday morning, and um let’s just say my lifestyle from here on has completely changed. No, I have not found enlightenment, but mid-camp my parents received my report card and it was anything but good news. I mean I guess I was pretty disappointed in myself too because I had worked so hard 4th quarter but for the overall grade it can only help so much. Ugh, I really don’t understand why though. For all my classes I did all the make-up work, extra credits, came to teachers after school if I didn’t understand something, & study my ass off for tests! WHY DOESN’T IT ADD UP!? I guess this year I have to make a good impression from the start and keep it up. So, right when I came back my parents decided to take action. They went psycho lecturing me on how I can’t screw up this year. I mean I don’t want to either but I don’t think they fully understand that my nature is to be slow not just when I work but when I think. It’s a curse from the gods okay. I hate being slow. I hate how homework always takes me twice as long as it should. I hate that my brain is slow processed so it’s really hard to digest information and memorize it. I hate everything about it! My dad thinks that I’m just doubting my abilities but I’m really not it’s the truth. So being all proactive, they made me read SAT prep books and made me take practice tests nonstop! Since the time my luggage first hit the floor of our house, they’d be sitting right next to me watching me turn the pages of that big fat book. You know what I learned? I learned that the SATs are dumb. That it doesn’t prepare you for the right college. And it’s just a god damn stressful competition with the rest of the nation. Yea, I’m complaining but I have to take it and one day I’ll loosen up and be positive about it when I take it so my negativity won’t bring me down. Plus I can always retake it. You know, my cousin got a perfect 2400 on her SATs and got a full scholarship to Duke University? She studies nonstop on her own. And her parents even worry that she studies too hard. Her mom’s always like “close the books & go to sleep!” Her name’s Felicia, and I’m really proud and happy for her but I could never live a life like that. I’d probably go into a depression studying that hard plus I wouldn’t remember it! Life in general is really hard. So much competition and a crave for a good status. All people care about these days is reputation. My dad went to Tufts and my mom went to Harvard. Sure, my dad is smart and really hard working but my mom? Honestly, she’s not smart. She got into that Ivy League b/c they saw “potential” in her and provided a scholarship also b/c she was from a third-world country. You see, this is called luck. She is really really lucky. At least she worked hard while she was there. But what I’m saying is, it shouldn’t matter what path you take as long as it takes you where you want to be. & that destination to most people is success. I was talking to a friend & he mentioned that people would unfortunately judge you for it. See what I mean? It’s all about status isn’t it?
I’m sorry for rambling! More posts soon.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Look Out!! A Typhoon's Comming!

So class is over, but it's bittersweet. I love my teacher. She's so open, you can come to her for anything. And even though she gave a lot of homework, i don't think i'd have gotten to learn this much chinese without her. i've learned chinese now for 10 years, and i haven't learned this much chinese in just 5 weeks!! So, you know she's a great teacher. And she rewards us every week, from Karyoke to Japanese hotpot and Taiwan's famous shaved ice. It's been so much fun!! & i will not allow what i've learned to go to waste. i refused to. She's such a hardworking teacher, i'd hate to do that to her and myself even. It sucks that my dad doesn't really talk to my brother and I in chinese. it's become a habit but that's why my chinese has been slipping away. i'm not practicing, so i'm gonna force my dad when i get back.

Even though class is over there's still so much shit to do!! We have to do a google earth presentation and it's so frustrating!! i already worked on it for 3 hours and i give up! appearently i did it wrong after 2 hours...and no one else in my class is doing it so why bother? wow, i just wasted my day and my counselor just called me to tell me that she'll do it since it's too complicated. wtf? & thanks classmates for ditching me to do funner things! (like watching movies on my laptop when i leave for 10 minutes...erg)
haha she made a star shaped bun. so adorable. Also, a friend from Singapor, Jess, just left and i'm terrible with goodbyes. it was so bad. she held her arms out and i just stood there for acouple seconds because i just didn't want her to leave!!! damn, she probably thought that i didn't want to hug her! i hate myself for doing that but ugh, it was so sad! everyone was crying bc the reality of it is no matter how much you want to reunite and keep in touch with everyone. it is so hard. i really hope with all my heart that things work out and we'll have a really big OCAC reunion in the future bc i love everyone here. this is so depressing! Anyway, this is her. Isn't she so pretty!! & she dances hella good too (i'm jealous lol). i'm glad i got to meet such an amazing dancer :) she is seriously pro. We also exchanged letters. she is so sweet! thanks Jess!!
plus we are currently experiencing a typhoon. GREAT..... let me just collect myself and i'll be back asap!

Monday, August 3, 2009

i Apologize!!!

i'm so so so sorry! i swear i didn't purposely neglect you guys. i've been sick and i have so much work!! & i feel pretty terrible that it seems that i've forgotten blogging but i think about it everyday! i have drafts lining up to be finished!( why must i type so much?! )This camp takes up so much of my time from 6 hours of daily class, being sick, stupid activities, and homework even. Right now i'm studying for a really big final tomorrow and my class already had a test today. I really should be relaxin' right now but i stay up til 1 almost nightly cause i'm paranoid and also bc it's a result of procrastination. WHY!! other than that i'm loving it here. i have a lot, a lot to say so stay tuned!! i promise to type tomorrow after my final since it's our last class. so no more stress! cheers to that. But about two more weeks of camp and i'm heading home. i'm a little homesick but i know will definatly extremely miss Taiwan and everyone i've met here. oh dear, i hate goodbyes!!!
more soon!! xoxo
p.s. as you can see i went back to the original layout. i am so indecisive. how typical. lol
p.p.s. thank you guys so much for the support!! i don't know if i'd have the energy to do it on my own. so thanks again! i truely appriciate it! AHHHH!!! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!