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Friday, August 7, 2009

Look Out!! A Typhoon's Comming!

So class is over, but it's bittersweet. I love my teacher. She's so open, you can come to her for anything. And even though she gave a lot of homework, i don't think i'd have gotten to learn this much chinese without her. i've learned chinese now for 10 years, and i haven't learned this much chinese in just 5 weeks!! So, you know she's a great teacher. And she rewards us every week, from Karyoke to Japanese hotpot and Taiwan's famous shaved ice. It's been so much fun!! & i will not allow what i've learned to go to waste. i refused to. She's such a hardworking teacher, i'd hate to do that to her and myself even. It sucks that my dad doesn't really talk to my brother and I in chinese. it's become a habit but that's why my chinese has been slipping away. i'm not practicing, so i'm gonna force my dad when i get back.

Even though class is over there's still so much shit to do!! We have to do a google earth presentation and it's so frustrating!! i already worked on it for 3 hours and i give up! appearently i did it wrong after 2 hours...and no one else in my class is doing it so why bother? wow, i just wasted my day and my counselor just called me to tell me that she'll do it since it's too complicated. wtf? & thanks classmates for ditching me to do funner things! (like watching movies on my laptop when i leave for 10 minutes...erg)
haha she made a star shaped bun. so adorable. Also, a friend from Singapor, Jess, just left and i'm terrible with goodbyes. it was so bad. she held her arms out and i just stood there for acouple seconds because i just didn't want her to leave!!! damn, she probably thought that i didn't want to hug her! i hate myself for doing that but ugh, it was so sad! everyone was crying bc the reality of it is no matter how much you want to reunite and keep in touch with everyone. it is so hard. i really hope with all my heart that things work out and we'll have a really big OCAC reunion in the future bc i love everyone here. this is so depressing! Anyway, this is her. Isn't she so pretty!! & she dances hella good too (i'm jealous lol). i'm glad i got to meet such an amazing dancer :) she is seriously pro. We also exchanged letters. she is so sweet! thanks Jess!!
plus we are currently experiencing a typhoon. GREAT..... let me just collect myself and i'll be back asap!


  1. courtney- I miss you!!! I'm glad you're learning while having fun. I also heard about the typhoon in tawain...please return with no missing parts :)

  2. OMG! I want to go do Karyoke and have the shaved ice!! China and Japan are like colorful, electric, magical places that I'm DYING to see!! The only contact I have is 'Anthony Bourdain' on the travel channel...so sad :(

  3. AND...I'm gonna have to 'google' "typhoon"! I know it's a big rain stormy thing, but I'm not sure of much else! Stay safe!!! :)

  4. oh court, OMG I have missed this blog!! all ur buds are so pretty. lucky bitches!