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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kite Project.

Every Quarter we get a project for Geometry and this time it was to make a Kite. i was surfin' the net and came across some really cool lookin' ones. there are some pretty amazing one out there but these were the ones my partner and i considered for the project.

the contenders:
1st idea: there's even a website http://metm.org/collabo/kite_project/2kite_detailed_howto.html that shows you how to make it. i thought it was pretty good idea but my partner wasn't so into it.

1st attempt: finally something we can agree on - called the dragonseems pretty simple right? wrong! we made it out of trash bags cause we wanted ours light in weight....but yea. fail. we call it the jellyfish that doesn't fly. after 3 hours of nonsense, we gave up on that one.

how cute is the icecream cone? well, we ended up choosing something like the one at the top of this image which is called the glider i believe.
But i have to tell you how this came to be:
Journal entry #11
So, my brother saw the jellyfish and laughed. Not gonna lie, it looked ridiculous. Not only that but it didn't even fly! He then runs back in the house and pulls out his kite he made back in the 8th grade, runs around the house and without much effort it starts to fly! Oh my god, i was so relieved! i've found my new kite! i laughed so hard, cuz after trying to make the dragon kite for 3 hours, i lost all hope for making kites or so i thought. wow, my brother can be a real life saver.

We already submitted the kite so we're just waiting to present it and fly it. pictures soon! & oh my partner was a complete lazy ass and bascially made me type up the whole essay. F YOU! [too bad he doen't know i blog...]

For awsome kite ideas go to http://www.cit.gu.edu.au/~anthony/kites/gallery/

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sometimes More Bitter than Sweet.

Journal entry #1o
This morning I woke up feeling pretty nauseous and I don’t ever remember waking up on a bad note until today. & I realized it was because yesterday had been the last day for the seniors. Being a Sophomore, I don’t have many senior friends but still, I hate dramatic bittersweet change. That’s what makes me feel nauseous. I had made two senior friends this year and randomly, too! But I’m so glad I did. They are awesome people. Last year I, too, had made friends, Tori and Rue, seniors, that went on my bus, but depressingly I have no way of keeping in touch with them, no phone number, no facebook, nada. That was a huge mistake. I miss our daily random talks on the bus. I remember Rue even saying, “You are so gonna miss us next year.” And I completely do! After high school is a whole new chapter of your life. I don’t mind making new friends but I would hate to lose my old ones. I grew up with some of these guys. And off to college, people have different interests, priorities, start in a new direction, even a new place! Ugh, why does life have to be like this?

To make matters worse, my neighborhood was experiencing a power outage at around 10:20a.m., which I found to be pretty outrageous I mean it’s not snowing or any extreme weather…but anyway, I felt almost helpless since it seemed like my usual Saturday “schedule” was impossible without electricity which it was. No TV, no blogging, no Youtube, I couldn’t even properly put on some foundation to go out because of the lack of lighting! And the food. I had to eat cold noodles for lunch which I found to be a lot better than it is hot! So that was a good discovery. Lol.

So feeling terribly sad, I decide to call up some friends for some therapeutic conversation. However, my little part of the neighborhood has crap cell phone service (b/c tall trees) but half the time it does work, it’s just weak. BUT, on this particular day, my cell phone decides not to have service at all so I have to walk up my street to the main road on top of a hill just to get service. It’s weird because although I was annoyingly irritated, I ended up enjoying myself. As I was calling my friends, I decide to walk to a nearby park since the weather was gorgeous. I'm swinging on the swings alone talking to my friends back to back on the phone with some little kids playing on the playground. I gradually feel so much better. The pain drifts away and I feel ensured that I can keep in touch with my graduating senior friends. I AM SO RELIEVED! I’m exstatic that I did something about it, and i'll never make that mistake again. Had I not called them I don’t think we’d be able to ever have contact again. Sometimes you just have to be the first to do something about it or else it never happen.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


An Ad campaign for the classic, legendary, world's first designer perfume: Chanel N°5. They use 20 tons of jasmine every year to produce the Chanel N°5 & it is sold every 55 second in the world.
Models: Audrey Tautou -the new face of Chanel N°5 & Travis Davenport
Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Location: Istanbul
i love Chanel's COCO Madamoiselle, however, N°5 is not for me, probably since i find it too stong & mature for me, but how stunning and genius is this ad?! Also watch the N°5 story and the Behind the Scenes. it's quite interesting. enjoy!by you guessed it, Any Warhol

Monday, May 25, 2009

i ♥ the Gosselins

Happy Memorial Day! i'm staying in just enjoying myself watching a Jon & Kate plus 8 marathon on TLC. They are so adorable, the whole bunch. TLC calls them America's favourite family and i completely agree. (if you don't agree, i'm sorry) I fell inlove with Gosselins the moment i watched thier first episode. i've watched the show so much i can actually match thier names to thier faces without a mistake!& i know, i know. Those rumors of the "scandal"...i don't really know what to think. So i'm just anxiously waiting for thier Season 5 premier tonight at 9. oy. i hate tabloids, hence i try to avoid reading/listening them as much as possible. But i remember from watching the Oprah show awhile back, the main reason why married men cheat, no matter how much they love thier wife, is because they ain't getting enough doin' time. men......

Jon, Kate, and Beth Carson wrote a book together called Multiple Bles8ings: Surviving to Thriving Twins and Sextuplets.

i'm not at all suprised that it's a New York Times Bestseller but i am deffinately gonna buy it. it's gonna be good. i know it! if only i had the time to leisurely read right now...

Sunday, May 24, 2009


A funny but very fashionable spread in the current (June) issue of Harper's Bazzar. They are, ofcourse, doing a spoof of mtv's "reality" show the Hills. With some commentary by Jonah.
This is simply GREAT.
Modeling: Johna Hill, Riley Keough
Photographs by Ben Watts
"Shopping is my life. My life is Shopping. If Kitson became a country, i would pack up my belongings, move there, and apply for a citizenship."
"Sometimes my girl is all jealous and i just say, 'If you date the coolest guy on the planet, you can't get mad that other girls are into him. If you buy a ferrari, you can't get mad that other people want to drive it. So chill out!'"

&the best for last. this was their inspiration! thank you Bazaar for being so clever. god i laughed so hard.

Catch Johna Hill in his upcomming film Funny People out July 31st.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

CCO haul

I went to Costco the other day and they were currently selling Mac eyeshadows!!!!! I had to do a double take! I mean I was shocked! They only had acouple colors: ogre, newly minted, and some others but I didn’t get any. Costco being wholesale of course had a discount of $11.50 which is not bad compared to Mac’s retail price of $14.50. BUT! It is nothing compared to the Cosmetic Company Outlet! I went today and they sell ‘em at 10 a pop! I could hardly contain myself but I did :]. If you don’t know what these stores are they basically buy discontinued products or left over products from department store brands and sell them for cheaper! (they are still in perfect condition) They have brands from DKNY, Prescriptives, Bobbi Brown, Este Lauder, and of course MAC. I could care less about those other brands my eyes were glued.
What I Got:
Spaced Out Blush (Neo Sci-Fi)-I’ve been looking for this! It has the most gorgeous finish! When I go back I will have to buy like 2 backups! Cosmic e/s[veluxe pearl] (Moonbathe Collection), Evening Aura[veluxe pearl] (Neo Sci-fi) pics soon.
Utterly Frivolous Lipstick [Luster] (Fafi collection)
I wish I had more money…wow my wallet is probably hurting right now. None the less, great deals!
What I plan to get next:
Spring Bean Dazzleglass, Liquidlast liner, Vanilla pigment, Charged Water, Studio Sculpt Foundation….so much stuff!

Check out this makeup blog! i just found it a few minutes ago and i already love it!http://glowingface.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


i'm so sorry i've been so busy! it's yet another MCAS week. This time for math...and i feel quite unprepared but so far i feel as though i did well. i'm drowning stress from homwork, essays, and projects. And just when i think the drama's over. There's more. And it's not the same ones lingering...they are completely out of the blue. This is so.....high school....i hate high school. i have to stay up late tonight to finish a lab report...oy... My goal this weekend is to get myself together no more hanging out, shopping, laying around watching tv. it's for my own well being!! i have not neglected blogging, i swear. Although i have neglected yoga which is bad and i can already feel the effects of it on my emotions and energy. (i'm suprised i haven't been breaking out!) My friend is also getting the fourth quarter stress outs and her hair is falling out as a result. this is mean but i laughed [hopefully she doesn't read this, lol]. i hope you guys have a great rest of the week. Talk to you very soon!

in the meantime enjoy this video. it's so adorable! be sure to subcribe to them for weekly asian food how-to's from CookingWithDog: http://www.youtube.com/user/cookingwithdog

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Just a quick update. i'll probably be too busy to post anything once the school week starts & i am so unproducive during the weekend... WHY?! well, here are some upcomming posts for this month:~Korean Phase - it's the most asian i've ever been, i swear! However i feel as though this may be a perminant phase... (will be posted next month)
~CCO haul
~Nature Photography Shoot
sorry, i've had to make some adjustments, so busy!!!!
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