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The name's Courtney. I tell stories & i love to laugh. sometimes i smile so much that my cheeks get sore...i have many interests and will talk about anything. Here you'll find journal entries & my perspective on Art, Music, Makeup, Fashion, Food, Film, Photography, Traveling, and everything inbetween. i've only lived for so long but i feel like i've experienced a lot. +there is deffinately nothing wrong with living to eat.
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Sunday, May 3, 2009


Just a quick update. i'll probably be too busy to post anything once the school week starts & i am so unproducive during the weekend... WHY?! well, here are some upcomming posts for this month:~Korean Phase - it's the most asian i've ever been, i swear! However i feel as though this may be a perminant phase... (will be posted next month)
~CCO haul
~Nature Photography Shoot
sorry, i've had to make some adjustments, so busy!!!!
Playlist: Reminds me of Summer
Chester French: 'Jimmy Choo's'
Cut Copy: 'Feel the Love'
New Young Pony Club: 'Ice Cream'
The Macabees: 'X-Ray'


  1. good luck with school!!! can;t wait for you to return

  2. Love the Korean boy band stuff! I had no idea, and now, thanks to your blog, I do. Thanks!