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Saturday, May 23, 2009

CCO haul

I went to Costco the other day and they were currently selling Mac eyeshadows!!!!! I had to do a double take! I mean I was shocked! They only had acouple colors: ogre, newly minted, and some others but I didn’t get any. Costco being wholesale of course had a discount of $11.50 which is not bad compared to Mac’s retail price of $14.50. BUT! It is nothing compared to the Cosmetic Company Outlet! I went today and they sell ‘em at 10 a pop! I could hardly contain myself but I did :]. If you don’t know what these stores are they basically buy discontinued products or left over products from department store brands and sell them for cheaper! (they are still in perfect condition) They have brands from DKNY, Prescriptives, Bobbi Brown, Este Lauder, and of course MAC. I could care less about those other brands my eyes were glued.
What I Got:
Spaced Out Blush (Neo Sci-Fi)-I’ve been looking for this! It has the most gorgeous finish! When I go back I will have to buy like 2 backups! Cosmic e/s[veluxe pearl] (Moonbathe Collection), Evening Aura[veluxe pearl] (Neo Sci-fi) pics soon.
Utterly Frivolous Lipstick [Luster] (Fafi collection)
I wish I had more money…wow my wallet is probably hurting right now. None the less, great deals!
What I plan to get next:
Spring Bean Dazzleglass, Liquidlast liner, Vanilla pigment, Charged Water, Studio Sculpt Foundation….so much stuff!

Check out this makeup blog! i just found it a few minutes ago and i already love it!http://glowingface.blogspot.com/

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