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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sometimes More Bitter than Sweet.

Journal entry #1o
This morning I woke up feeling pretty nauseous and I don’t ever remember waking up on a bad note until today. & I realized it was because yesterday had been the last day for the seniors. Being a Sophomore, I don’t have many senior friends but still, I hate dramatic bittersweet change. That’s what makes me feel nauseous. I had made two senior friends this year and randomly, too! But I’m so glad I did. They are awesome people. Last year I, too, had made friends, Tori and Rue, seniors, that went on my bus, but depressingly I have no way of keeping in touch with them, no phone number, no facebook, nada. That was a huge mistake. I miss our daily random talks on the bus. I remember Rue even saying, “You are so gonna miss us next year.” And I completely do! After high school is a whole new chapter of your life. I don’t mind making new friends but I would hate to lose my old ones. I grew up with some of these guys. And off to college, people have different interests, priorities, start in a new direction, even a new place! Ugh, why does life have to be like this?

To make matters worse, my neighborhood was experiencing a power outage at around 10:20a.m., which I found to be pretty outrageous I mean it’s not snowing or any extreme weather…but anyway, I felt almost helpless since it seemed like my usual Saturday “schedule” was impossible without electricity which it was. No TV, no blogging, no Youtube, I couldn’t even properly put on some foundation to go out because of the lack of lighting! And the food. I had to eat cold noodles for lunch which I found to be a lot better than it is hot! So that was a good discovery. Lol.

So feeling terribly sad, I decide to call up some friends for some therapeutic conversation. However, my little part of the neighborhood has crap cell phone service (b/c tall trees) but half the time it does work, it’s just weak. BUT, on this particular day, my cell phone decides not to have service at all so I have to walk up my street to the main road on top of a hill just to get service. It’s weird because although I was annoyingly irritated, I ended up enjoying myself. As I was calling my friends, I decide to walk to a nearby park since the weather was gorgeous. I'm swinging on the swings alone talking to my friends back to back on the phone with some little kids playing on the playground. I gradually feel so much better. The pain drifts away and I feel ensured that I can keep in touch with my graduating senior friends. I AM SO RELIEVED! I’m exstatic that I did something about it, and i'll never make that mistake again. Had I not called them I don’t think we’d be able to ever have contact again. Sometimes you just have to be the first to do something about it or else it never happen.

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