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The name's Courtney. I tell stories & i love to laugh. sometimes i smile so much that my cheeks get sore...i have many interests and will talk about anything. Here you'll find journal entries & my perspective on Art, Music, Makeup, Fashion, Food, Film, Photography, Traveling, and everything inbetween. i've only lived for so long but i feel like i've experienced a lot. +there is deffinately nothing wrong with living to eat.
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"I Want A Beat that Changes Every Minute" -MIA

my life is so BORING right now! i absolutely hate junior yr. Why is life like this?! Besides school i have 3 tutoring lessons in a row from friday through sunday. so yea, no more free sundays which is a bummer! But this year i'm been trying to be as active as possible with my interests, so i joined 5 different clubs. Annnd i'm so glad i did. i was part of a Global Warming Awareness Club and to raise money and awareness, we hosted our school's first ever Band Night and it went awesome! i was super suprised by my classmate's talents! i'd say, its just as good as going to a concert. We had a double stage set up where one stage would perform while the other prepared. & guess who's idea was it?! MINE. Although when it was a group's turn, some bands did end up taking a while to set up. It would have taken much longer without this setup though. And the crowd flowed from one end of the room to the other..it was great! We raised over $800 and it was a huge sucess. We'll organize another one once spring whips around.

i know i've been MIA but i just want you guys to know that i will never stop blogging even by the time i'm 80, cause i just love it too much! You guys keep me young...even though i'm only 17. haha well, have a good one! and talk to you (who ever you are) real soon :] And i gotta figure out some shit to do to spice up my life!