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Thursday, February 26, 2009

is. happy. {update}

Where: home
um. got myself together.
Wearing: Accesorizing
Marie Claire & Allure
Listening: Favourite Worst Nightmare Album by The Arctic Monkeys (listening to it religiously)
Eating: Margarita pizza & Broccoli w/ cheese
Wanting: spending time with friends + Prada heels!
Needing: a new pair of shoes (my converse are ripped up)
woah. am i getting better or am i getting better?! i don't know what it is but i've been doing so good this week. not just this week but appearently even before vacation according the the progress reports! 3rd quarter is lookin' good. & i feel good. Probably because of the much needed feb break. thanks dad! my brother and i are probably going to Georgia again this april vacation. which calls for frequent updates. gahhh i have 4 drafts for ya!
upcomming events...
i'm so excited to go to a Kings of Leon concert! they are one of my favourite bands. hopefully i my head won't be pounding whatever tylanol and earplugs DUH!

i'm gonna dye my hair a kind of purple black color. i'll do a before and after.

i planned a get together with my friends cuz high school is crazy and i don't get to see all of them as much as i'd hope. so it's basically downtown boston, hvd sq., haymarket, etc. then this amazing taiwanese resturant in chinatown. since a lot of them haven't experienced one of my favourite kinds of food in the world [there is a difference with chinese...not as good]. you just have to look around to find something interesting to do, sometimes it't right infromt of you.

MAC- i haven't gotten anything from yet :( but the packeging is actually kinda gross and tacky . like makes me want to throw up gross. except for the lip conditioners. which i've been eyeing and planning to get in popster & pink fish before they sell out. i don't know why people aren't attracted to popster. it's so pretty!
anyway this is MAC's Hello Kitty ad campaign for wild vs. mild
let me say that i am not at all i'mpressed infact i found it tacky & boring.

Tips from the Pros. LOL!

i LOVE the Ellen show. it is so entertaining and ellen Degeneres is one of my favourite comedians. i was surfing around Youtube watching some Ellen show excerpts & i came across these beauty secrets. it was actually quite interesting and informational with the very funny Kym Douglas as the beauty expert.

god. i laughed so hard.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Axe: Dark Temptations

is it just me or does Axe Dark Temptations with hints of chocolate sound outrageously good. just talking about it makes my heart melt like hot fude over icecream. i usually hate all the axe sents but i am completely willing to give Axe another chance at love {lol}. i'm probably gonna implore/force my brother to go out and buy it "for himself" but i'll probably just spray it around my room for myself lol. even the pakaging seems tempting!Ugh i really want to love this product! please don't let me down.

i love the original Old Spice body sprays and deoterants. my guy friend actually wears it all the time and whenever we hug i always make sure to take a deep wiff. IT. IS. SO. GOOD. and p.s. i steal my brother's old spice deoterant every now and then. i like it a lot better than the one i'm using (degree) and all the others i've tried (dove, secret, ban). it actually gives bursts of fragrance through out the day. it's not too manly or musky it's just right. infact it has a fresh minty sweet undertone. & i love the fast drying gel formula!

2009 Fashion Ad Campaigns

as you may know. i haven't been very inspired by fashion lately. infact i had no idea what fashion trend there were for his winter. but right now doesn't even feel like a defined season, so i guess it's a good excuss to just wear anything which i pretty much have been doing. but as fall fashion week went by i was so impressed. The upcomming seasons' collections i believe have a lot of inspiring elements. i haven't really been looking at fashion shows but flipping through glossy magazine pages and i saw some campaign ads that really caught my eye. i'm no fashion expert but i know what i like. {p.s.i was doing my research i was completely surprised to see lilly Danldson in 99% of the ad campaigns i can't believe that she was such in high demand but she definately delivered}
Dolce & Gabana Spring/Summer Collection '09: modeling: Jessica Stam, Gemma Ward (don't retire!), & Lily Dolaldson
Photography by Steven Klein (genius)
inspiration: from a contemporary artist's loft
Revenge of the Nerds: Even the men's line was pretty impressive. i loved the color combinations, silks, and stripes & those bold black glasses. As always D&G is on point with the fitting. {Milan Fashion Week}

D&G Winter 2008/2009: DARK Glamour: finally something inspiring for winter. kinda fantasy-esc with a evil rebellion vibe. loving the gowns & the ery makup!
looks like they're on a mission lol. but i love it.
Modeling: Jessica Stam, Lily Donaldson, Caroline Trentini
Photographer: Steven Klein
Ralph Lauren's Fall 2009 - THE GOLD STANDARD: Indiana Jones influence - sefari with metalic gold accents. no campaign but i saw an ad with just runway shots and it was GLISTENING GOLD.

Gucci spring/summer:
inspiration from a tropical rainforest: flowers, butterflies, snakes, + vegetation.

i thought this was just okay. what i think brought me in the the butterfly inspired deep purple eye & the drapped dress in the first picture.look at those strappy stilettos! & milan fashion week men's collection which i liked a lot!

Gucci Fall 08 - Winter 09 Men's & Women's Ad Campaign:
modeling: Lily Donaldson, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Eniko Mihalik
Photography by Inez van Lamsweerde &Vinoodh Matadin
my favourite:how amazing is this?! so well put together from the tribal prints to the beading, metal belts & embellishments, to the makeup. gucci has got me this time. {it's a plus that it's my kinda style}. for the full spread of this campain ad go to http://www.hautfashion.com/fashion-ads/gucci-fall-2008-winter-2009-ad-campaign - great story background. i think i'm gonna look up some of these models' works cus they did an amazing job capturing abatract/artistic feel. & look at that scenery.

Burberry Prorsum {S/S 09}: finally mixtures of flowery textures and prints. sounds like spring but the collection is very Autumn inspired with the colors of dead leaves & dried flowers. a big improvement from thier last fall collection (which was all flat out black & teased hair. cool but nothing really inspiring.) & these flower neclaces are really eye catching.
modeling: Alexina Graham, Eden Clark, Lily Donaldson and musician George Craig,
Photography by Mario Testino
inspiration: greenhouse

Louis Vuitton S/S 09 Ad Campaign
with Material Girl herself : Madonna
Photography by Steven Meisel & Creative Director: Marc Jacobs
“It’s a big change from what we were doing. It tells a story,” said Antoine Arnault, Vuitton’s director of communications. “This I think is an amazing coup, but more than that, there’s real logic behind it. It’s very linked to Marc’s fashion show.”

i actually really like the color combinations of this with pops of vibrant moss and pumpkin orange here and there but nothing about it seems spring/summer at all more like fall. However Madonna was a great choice. i love seeing Madonna in ad campaigns. it shows off her unique dance-like modeling & attitude.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

F is for Favourites

i thought Febuary would be a good month for favourites. From music, tv shows, food, skincare, clothing stores, fashion designers, youtubers, blogs, & events, these are the things i've been obsessing over during 2008. & hopefully you guys can benifit. obviously these are all my opinion and i'm posting for 2008 not 2009 because it takes awhile to find the things that really work for you/appeal to you. testing to find the best. you can't immediately state that something's your favourite from the first try. so this is just a heads up of what's there to come. hopefully i can post everything! however it will probably be posted for march since it is very time consuming.
p.s. the amazing designer that made those amazing clothes above will be in that post.

February Playlist:
sorry i have't changed it in so long well here's a new one. there's no particular theme just songs like make me happy i guess. they are all my favourites along with being from my favourite bands. this set also has good beats lol. .enjoy!
  • "Ragoo"- Kings of Leon
  • "This House is a Circus"- The Arctic Monkeys
  • "Always Where I Need to Be" - the Kooks
  • "Hang Me Up to Dry"- Cold War Kids

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Review: Revlon ColorStay Foundation

Let me start off saying that...i [pretty much] HATE it.
i don't know what happend exactly but i really wanted to love it. from all the postive reviews & hype of this product on makup alley & Youtube, i was excited when i finally bought it.
unfortunately i didn't get it BOGO but i'm glad i didn't or else i would have had another bottle lying around and that would be a waste anyway.

extra info:
paid $12.99 @ walgreens (which is kinda expensive for a drugstore brand)
got it in fresh beige
for combination/oily skin - Spf 6
(normal/dry skin comes in Spf 15 - from reviews there is no real difference between the two)

looooong lasting staying power
good coverage (medium to full)
buildablegood as concealer
doesn't really rub off
a little hard to blend
weird texture with dry finish
not very creamy
weird redish undertone- so i get that different color face from neck thing going on...not attractive
hard to find right color- what you see in the bottle is not what it may look like on skin
feels & looks like i'm wearing makup- i do not need extra weight/gunk on my facebad packaging- i either pour out too little or too much = annoying + messy

So the only thing i would use this for is as a concealer just dabbing it on the discoloration but i don't really use it often since i extremely DISPISE the texture, the look, + the feel of it on my face. But just because it doesn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for you as it work for so many other people, so if you want to go ahead & try it (cvs accepts returns no questions asked). i'm using my Laura Mercier tinted moisterizer right now and i'm inlove with it (i think i've found my Holy Grail!). i will do a review. i want to try Rimmel London's Lasting Finish foundation soon and i'll tell you how that goes.

tip: I always research reviews of products that i want to try out on YT and makupalley.com before i actually buy it to prevent from wasting money and being sorely disappointed. it usually works but at the end of the day it all comes down to your oppinion. if your buying from cosmetic specialty stores like Sephora or MAC make sure you try the products out more than once to see how you like it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update. [2/12/09]

Journal entry # 5
Sorry i've been kinda on a hiatus and staring off this month with a bad/emotional note. i mean i was furious that day [with my mom]! it has been so hectic recently with school wrapping up before vacation. i'm gonna visit my favourite relatives on my mom's side down in Georgia (they are not insane) which is really exciting! i feel like now is a really good time to spend with the family. this couple of weeks has been really stressful schoolwise. but seems like i handled this week pretty good. i just got my report card and...it is not good. but i kinda expected it. it is what i deserved i mean i've been stuggling but i feel like i'm slowly getting better. hopefully i just don't go back to the falling-behind slump which tends to happen. i'll try to catch up during vacation. tomarrow is the day before valentine's day and my school has this thing called singing telegrams where a singing group goes around school singing and dancing to the people it's sent to. i sent acouple to my friends. hopefully they don't hate me afterward lol. i sent one of my friends last year and she requested not to have one this year cuz she was too embarrassed. but it is a really fun experience as you can imagine. she did appreciate it though.
~& GUESS WHAT?! MAC's HELLO KITTY collection is finally out today!!!!! like i am ecstatic. the packaging is beautiful and i love how the collection is split into two groups: hello kitty wild & hello kitty mild [sounds so cute]. there was this whole opening with performers and food and whatnot at the MAC stores. too bad i couldn't go since it's a school night(i hate being a teenager). but here's a link for one of thier looks. i am so intregued! you can just click through the rest.
anywho, that's about it for now. i hope everyone has a lovely Valentines day... i'm in the mood for cake..random... but i'll be on a plane with my ears popping and in congested air for acouple hours. i have acouple hauls (that just need to be typed up) from target and bath & body works. i also tried making a youtube video but i think that failed. w/e i'll just upload it :]. i'll probably be shopping during break but nothing big probably just makeup, some suviniers, not really any clothes. i will deffinately update often during break. & thats about it! take care. xoxo.