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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update. [2/12/09]

Journal entry # 5
Sorry i've been kinda on a hiatus and staring off this month with a bad/emotional note. i mean i was furious that day [with my mom]! it has been so hectic recently with school wrapping up before vacation. i'm gonna visit my favourite relatives on my mom's side down in Georgia (they are not insane) which is really exciting! i feel like now is a really good time to spend with the family. this couple of weeks has been really stressful schoolwise. but seems like i handled this week pretty good. i just got my report card and...it is not good. but i kinda expected it. it is what i deserved i mean i've been stuggling but i feel like i'm slowly getting better. hopefully i just don't go back to the falling-behind slump which tends to happen. i'll try to catch up during vacation. tomarrow is the day before valentine's day and my school has this thing called singing telegrams where a singing group goes around school singing and dancing to the people it's sent to. i sent acouple to my friends. hopefully they don't hate me afterward lol. i sent one of my friends last year and she requested not to have one this year cuz she was too embarrassed. but it is a really fun experience as you can imagine. she did appreciate it though.
~& GUESS WHAT?! MAC's HELLO KITTY collection is finally out today!!!!! like i am ecstatic. the packaging is beautiful and i love how the collection is split into two groups: hello kitty wild & hello kitty mild [sounds so cute]. there was this whole opening with performers and food and whatnot at the MAC stores. too bad i couldn't go since it's a school night(i hate being a teenager). but here's a link for one of thier looks. i am so intregued! you can just click through the rest.
anywho, that's about it for now. i hope everyone has a lovely Valentines day... i'm in the mood for cake..random... but i'll be on a plane with my ears popping and in congested air for acouple hours. i have acouple hauls (that just need to be typed up) from target and bath & body works. i also tried making a youtube video but i think that failed. w/e i'll just upload it :]. i'll probably be shopping during break but nothing big probably just makeup, some suviniers, not really any clothes. i will deffinately update often during break. & thats about it! take care. xoxo.

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