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Monday, May 25, 2009

i ♥ the Gosselins

Happy Memorial Day! i'm staying in just enjoying myself watching a Jon & Kate plus 8 marathon on TLC. They are so adorable, the whole bunch. TLC calls them America's favourite family and i completely agree. (if you don't agree, i'm sorry) I fell inlove with Gosselins the moment i watched thier first episode. i've watched the show so much i can actually match thier names to thier faces without a mistake!& i know, i know. Those rumors of the "scandal"...i don't really know what to think. So i'm just anxiously waiting for thier Season 5 premier tonight at 9. oy. i hate tabloids, hence i try to avoid reading/listening them as much as possible. But i remember from watching the Oprah show awhile back, the main reason why married men cheat, no matter how much they love thier wife, is because they ain't getting enough doin' time. men......

Jon, Kate, and Beth Carson wrote a book together called Multiple Bles8ings: Surviving to Thriving Twins and Sextuplets.

i'm not at all suprised that it's a New York Times Bestseller but i am deffinately gonna buy it. it's gonna be good. i know it! if only i had the time to leisurely read right now...


  1. I love them too! I feel sad that they're marriage could be in trouble. I think she's mean to him, but I also saw that episode where they show her before they were married-she was SO sweet!! I think people's lives change and they become different people, but they won't stay just like that either- their circumstances will change them again. They can choose to rebuild and love each other the way they did--I hope they do, cuz their kids are adorable, and I love them together! :)
    I need to see if I can watch the new episode on-line--I missed it monday!

  2. i used to like them but that mom... eek!!!! what a bitch!