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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kite Project.

Every Quarter we get a project for Geometry and this time it was to make a Kite. i was surfin' the net and came across some really cool lookin' ones. there are some pretty amazing one out there but these were the ones my partner and i considered for the project.

the contenders:
1st idea: there's even a website http://metm.org/collabo/kite_project/2kite_detailed_howto.html that shows you how to make it. i thought it was pretty good idea but my partner wasn't so into it.

1st attempt: finally something we can agree on - called the dragonseems pretty simple right? wrong! we made it out of trash bags cause we wanted ours light in weight....but yea. fail. we call it the jellyfish that doesn't fly. after 3 hours of nonsense, we gave up on that one.

how cute is the icecream cone? well, we ended up choosing something like the one at the top of this image which is called the glider i believe.
But i have to tell you how this came to be:
Journal entry #11
So, my brother saw the jellyfish and laughed. Not gonna lie, it looked ridiculous. Not only that but it didn't even fly! He then runs back in the house and pulls out his kite he made back in the 8th grade, runs around the house and without much effort it starts to fly! Oh my god, i was so relieved! i've found my new kite! i laughed so hard, cuz after trying to make the dragon kite for 3 hours, i lost all hope for making kites or so i thought. wow, my brother can be a real life saver.

We already submitted the kite so we're just waiting to present it and fly it. pictures soon! & oh my partner was a complete lazy ass and bascially made me type up the whole essay. F YOU! [too bad he doen't know i blog...]

For awsome kite ideas go to http://www.cit.gu.edu.au/~anthony/kites/gallery/

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  1. wow...made of trash bag?!
    Anyway, anything colorful & able to fly in the air...makes me feel so cheerful. This might inspire my future post darling! Thank you & hope you have a fab week okie! ~XO*