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Monday, June 1, 2009

Update [5/1/09].

Hello, Hello!like my editing? yea, not gonna lie it's sloppy. it's my first time with photoshop so give me a break!
Wow, i'm on a roll! So, i'm sorry i don't really keep 'on schedule' when it comes to the beginning of the month's upcomming posts. But, i do post them eventually...

i have two more posts that i need to finish off for May then i'll move on to this month. I hate how blogger does that but anyway, just a warning for this month....GUESS......i'm gonna be super busy!!! i have 5 Finals and a Bio Mcas is comming up which is proabably the one mcas test i worry most about since i didn't learn shit this year b/c my teacher has no idea what she's talking about...i should have switched to a different teacher...big mistake, but i won't make it again. Oh! by the way, i believe i did really well on the English Composition, and the Math mcas since they were super duper easy. i won't know the results until probably january but i'm feelin' good about it! the parents with be proud.

Also, my rooms a mess. it's amazing how i clean it up, but it takes just one day to mess it all up again. oy. my desk will never see the light (til schools over). i went to ikea with my pops and brother to furnish our newly bought apartment in boston. We're not moving or anything my dad just wanted to own some property to keep for the future when my brother and i go off to college in the city. We also picked up a futon for my brother (which is really comfy) and a new bedframe for my room. i will do the room tour once my room is tidy-ed up which won't be for awhile...:[

apartment view!

Health: You know what's really weird? twitching eyes are a sign of sleep deprivision but my left eye has been pulsing all week! & i'm recently slept more.i have no idea whats going on there but i'm gonna look it up. + every once in awhile my RLS (restless leg syndrome) will act up on me which is really annoying. just 30 minutes ago i was in extreme pain and since i ran out of my meds my dad suggested advil. IT WORKS!!! wtf? i could have just used that all this time? oh advil and tylonol i love you. last week i had a headache almost everyday. they saved the day.

Current Obsessions:

Ugly Betty- holy crap, amazing finale! missed it? www.abc.com

Big Bang & Wondergirls (Korean bands)- i will do a post on them soon!,

Maybelline Lash Stiletto- gives the best deffinition. it's even better than my higher end ones! a must try.

Ikea cookies: Singoalla brand Raspberry filled- cheap and super yummy.

IKEA.-best home furnishing store ever. EVER. the way i see it. it's a toy superstore. metaphorically, ofcourse.

Upcomming Posts: Nature Photoshoot, Jon & Kate Plus 8 Responce, Little Things Tag, Art Auction- journal entry, & some random posts.

*AH! and i must mention.* So a makeup guru on Youtube and blogger, Tiffany D., has a GHD straightener deal! the GHD is probably the world's best straightener brand. it heats up within seconds, and automatically shuts down when not in use, to not burn down your house, yea, it happens. And there are so many styling options! check out her blog for more information & take advantage of this deal! (btw retails for $250+) infact, i'm so afraid it's going to sell out i'm gonna buy it right now. planning on getting the pure. ends June 15! http://makeupbytiffanyd.blogspot.com/2009/06/another-awesome-ghd-deal.html

i have a feeling this will be a productive week probably since i'm in such an uplifting mood :) wish me luck!


  1. ikea is pretty rad. almost as rad as that view!!!

  2. i never though of using my yellow chair as a vanity. good call.

  3. What email should I send the invite to?
    Nice blog! :)

  4. I love that photo! It looks like ur sitting in front of bushes covered in ash!

    ...and I love Ikea food too! I get excited about buying their weird snack foods! :)

  5. haha did a post on big bang and 2ne1's lollipop xP