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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Shit Storm's Never Ending.

SOOO.....i'm sick. really sick. with the stupid cold........................in the summer... STUPID RAIN! + looks like it's gonna rain all week here in New England. WHY!? Science final was pretty dreadful. i kept sniffling and sneezing and blowing my nose. i looked quite ill.

Right now, i'm cuddling in me robe and watching I Love Lucy. i love that show. :] [EXCUSE ME WHILE I BLOW MY NOSE]

Tomorrow i have an english and mandarin final. mandarin shouldn't be too hard, and english...well, i got sparknotes. so it's all good. Hope you guys had a better start of the week than i did!

Also. i bought the Multiple Blessings book yesturday and i'm pretty excited to start reading it!! at first i found it a little odd to find it in the Christian Inspirations section of B&N but it guess it makes sense...the title, duh! & 19 bucks?! i'm sorry but don't you guys make enough money? the show and all, i mean that's why Jon quit his job last year then bought a farari (or w.e.). well, at least i got a coupon and saved 6 bucks. it pays to be a member.

Tonight there's going to be a 1 hour "anouncement" episode @ 9. Of course, i'll be watching it (i'm lame, i know). i don't think they'll devource, and i strongly believe that. since i have mad fortune telling skills. i also made a post on them earlier.

until i'm better! BIG X & little x


  1. awwww feel better courts :( I was sniffling my way through the science final too, grrrrrrr.
    AHHHH JON & KATE PLUS 8. Okay, so Kate says that she only wants 'what's best for her kids'..but her kids want their daddy with them. :(

  2. awwww. i'm not going to say feel better soon. i'm going to say feel better NOW!!!! hugs.

  3. idk if i should press the button for ''funny'', ''interesting'', or ''cool''...
    pressure is ON.