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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Okie Dokes.

this is old, old, old, but i been meaning to do this open tag which i got from Sara Says Awsome. She & her blog is full of awsome-ness. you have to check her out. So, here's the Tag: Six Unimportant Things that Make You Happy

1) perfectly GREEN GRASS- the color, the texture, the fresh smell (if it even has a smell), the dewy-ness in the mornings, combing the tangles with my fingers...... i love it!
Grass typewriter by ~supertim
i thought this was a cool picture. a typewriter taken over by grass

2) Drinking in Glass Bottles- i don't know why but it almost makes a drink taste so much better! plus it makes it look more classy i guess is the word...(basically what i'm trying to say is it dresses up the drink.) i poured orange juice into my vintage coca-cola bottle- best orange juice i've ever tasted. hah!

Coke by !Dominiclevitt on deviantART

3) Clocks- of all shapes, sizes, and colors. i collect them! my collection is more modern but i'd like to expand with antiuqe ones.

4) Tealight Candles [+ only tealight!]- i get them in bulk @ ikea, they have amazing sents. i think they burn wayyy better and actually disperse the scent, when i use 2-3 at a time.

FLM01 - Selective Depth by *darwin2kx on deviantART

5) Coffee- i love sneaking out to the town center during school to grab a cup of jo. i love unwinding as the luquid warms the soul :). & the smell! ah!!! (& no i am not at all addicted. i just like it.) Oh! you have to try this. it's my favourite @ starbucks- Cinnimon Dulce. i sadly just discovered it.

coffee by ~arTisTinDaMaKing on deviantART
Time to coffee by ~BlackBerry199 on deviantART
yum. i love the holiday themed.

6) Flowers. i don't think i have to say much, but they are so pretty!
Blushing in the afternoon sun by ~Not-of-this-age on deviantART
cherry blossom by ~freakyncheeky on deviantART
& i TAG: anyone who wants to do it! so it's an open tag. i think it's a fun quick post to do. i don't know why this took me such a long time to come up with probably cuz i change my mind so often... i basically did a lot of this: "oh wait...that's actually important to me.."
just comment telling me you did it and i'll be sure to check it out. or you can just listing the 6 unimportant things that make you happy :]

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