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Monday, June 29, 2009


i'm alive!
Sorry i've been on a little hiatis. i'm leaving Wednesday for Taipei, Taiwan so i guess i've just been playing my heart out, hanging out with friends, and such so i haven't been able to finish up any posts. I haven't even started packing (!) for that matter. So, yea it's a little crazy. i just am gonna miss them so much & i would hate to lose touch, so it should be understandable. i'm expecting an awsome awsome summer this year. Although, i'm a little scared of what i've been hearing, it doesn't have to be that way. I can make it go my way since I'm so good at manipulating muahahahaha. just kidding!!

i'm glad i enjoyed myself this week. i desevered it. all those all nighters paid off. i did really well on my finals!
However, for Bio and English? i have no idea since my teachers actually didn't show up. how typical of them. but i have no idea what to expect either. a) my english teacher hates me. and that's actually how she grades. it's a hate crime!! no mater how well i know i do, it don't make a difference. b) i couldn't even finish the bio test! i missed like 20 multiple choice questions!! ya know, i'm a slow worker. damn it.

well, i hope you guys have a great summer + i hope you've been checking out those great deals i've been talking about. i got some pretty nifty stuffies myself for waayy cheap, but unfortunately i won't be able to do a haul post cause i don't have them with me... i know, i'm a lazy ass.. but don't fret more posts to come! a lot has been going on and i have a lot to say.
In the mean while, enjoy this video of how to make the watermelon bomb. i don't know why they made this video so choppy since thier other ones are made better but i love this recipe!!!


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  1. its ok! that silly thing called life does tend to get in the way. have fun on your trip and bring me back something cool!! kisses!!!