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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Up to Date.

so, i've noticed that you guys like these updates. which is interesting to me cuz i find it hard to believe that people take interest in my life. but than i look at other blogs and i do the same thing. so when you step back to look at the whole picture. WE'RE ALL STALKERS. Am i right, or am i right?

i am slow? i post on a weekly basis + i know, i know, i should update more often but i have priorities! not to put blogging on the backburner but i don't always have the time. and i blame this on my slow-ness at everything: homework, getting ready in the mornings (so i have to wake up at 5am on a daily basis except weekends), cooking- takes me 45 mins more than it should, eating- i'm always the last person to leave the table. i'm slow at life. & it's kinda sad since everyone wants my to hurry up BUT IT'S NOT MY FAULT GOT GAVE ME THIS GIFT! so school +right now studying for finals takes up a lot of my time.
School: i yet again pulled an allnighter on thurday night to obviously last minute study. although i was a little scared of the math final, i didn't study for that at all. which came to my luck since it was a complete joke. it was easier than the practice finals! wtf. but the wld history final? omg, believe me, i got at least a C+. no matter how much i study for history, it's just never good enough. *sigh* but it's weird that i'm feeling really calm about it... Well, bio, english, & mandarin finals this week. two more days and i'm so outta here (well, school atleast). Wednesday my dad's letting me skip school to do community service at the library. MUAHAHAHAH i feel bad ass. Even though i skipped school a couple times for taking-it-personal-days.......i have needs okay?
Shopping: it's no secret that there are major sales going on right now! IT HAPPENS EVERY SIX MONTHS HENCE SEMI-ANNUAL!! remember that ;] i have some awsome hauls but it'll probabaly take me a while to put them up, so get your asses out there and shop til ya drop!!
places to check out: Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, the Body Shop, Urban Outfitter's Basement, Old Navy, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, and check your local drug store- i know that cvs and walgreens has sales here and there.
current obsession: even though i have major chocolate needs, snacking on baby carrots :) hopefully it'll improve my eye sight ;] & they look so cute!
ahh a sea of baby carrots...carrots by buckstallion

they even look cute in Bento Boxes. I WANT A BENTO BOX!!

Bento 31 by Onna-giri, Bento 10 by droppedfork

p.s. check out the post before this. i think it's pretty facinating.

OH, +HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! have a good one!


  1. mmm! i love baby carrots!

    hope the rest of finals went well.

    p.s. thanks for checking out my blog & commenting. :)

  2. So apparently... I'm BLIND.
    I walked around the house without contacts/glasses for 5 minutes and realized I CANNOT SEE WITHOUT THEM.
    Sad thing is... I had no idea... ; _ ;
    I needs me some carrots..!

  3. Trudat about the sales. I just got back from the mall...spent wayyy more money than I should. I didn't realize all my mooneyz was gone until I'd finished lunch and was like o_o oh shit I'm broke. So I had to pay like 10 bucks in change...and ended up stiffing the waiter. He looked like he wanted to squirt ketchup in my eyes. :[

  4. Haha... baby carrots are adorable. Never thought about it much, but maybe that's why I love them.