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Saturday, June 13, 2009

feelin' lazy.

i'm sorry. i'm so tired. unorganized. unproductive. uninspired. unmotivated. all-the-place. lazy. hence the lack of postings. i don't know why exactly it's taking so long to finish the wayyy over-due posts but they'll be up eventually. So as we all know (or may not know) father's day is comming up. i had to look up the date for that but wtf?! it changes every year??? why can't it just be simply one day? then i realized it's because it has to be on a Sunday. well, if you want to know the date for the next 2 years. here ya go.

So turns out it's good that it changes every year, since every Sunday is family day (minus the presence of mom). i don't know what to get...i was thinkin' the Kenzo Power for men. which smells so amazingly good, i would wear it, seriously. it's still masuculin, though. it smells kinda lemony gingery...i cannot describe scents well.... but if you're like me and you like some masculin scents check out this post.
hmmm...i'm just gonna concentrate on school right now since appearently that's what makes him most happy. But i cannot believe we're still in school for another 2 1/2 weeks. i should be on summer vacation right now scoping the city for hot urban boys (& gansters for my friend). insted, not only do i have to study for finals but we're still learning new shit! Have i mentioned i hate school? Oh, and btw, thank god the drama's over. i can finally concentrate on more improtant things.
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Things i'd like to accomplish before i leave (July 1st):
~do well on finals
~re-organize room

~get toned. - jesus christ i gained an unhealthy 14 pounds since last year! i hate scales. they tell bad news.
~eat more healthy foods- processed doesn't even taste that good. and possibly stop those cravings if i even know how?
~Do Yoga- i've been neglecting it & it has taken a toll on my mind & body.
~have a clothing yard sale with my friends- better than sending it to a vintage store, since you get to set the prices. i want to make my own mulla! for once in my life.

P.S. can you keep a secret?? i. want. a. lip. peircing.
just a little side one. it'll be cute okayyyy????? and if it's not i'll let it close up. :[ more on that later though.

~until next week!

P.P.S. I posted a tag before this and it's dedicated to you, my followers. so you bitches should do it. ;)


  1. Yes- eat more healthy food! Hahaha I keep thinking of that chunk of frozen pasta I had at your house. :)
    please update more!

  2. :O Ditto on the lip piercing. But i gotta wait, since my parents would FREAK.

    where do you want it?

  3. Do it!! The pirercing!!! i used to have a nose ring but in a moment of passion my shirt got stuck on it and ripped it out. it sounds more painful but i didnt even feel it. i wish i could help you organize!! i love to organize!!!! we would have so much fun!!

  4. shhhh! allison! it's not my fault my mom hasn't cooked in 2 years!!

  5. Go for the piercing girl, you only live once!! Don't you ever forget that. I had one too, now I only have the mark and when I look at it, it just reminds me of good times, when Music and having fan where the only things in my head!!


    Street Art & Graffiti Blog

  6. haha courtney, scoping out gangsters for me maybe?