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Saturday, June 6, 2009

What have I got myself into...

Journal entry #12
Appearently last year a friend went to that camp i was talking about in Taiwan called OCAC. i hadn't talked to him in 5 years until now so i had no idea he went to this camp. Well, it's an international camp that teaches Mandarin and the culture. And yes, French people go. But he was talking about it and he was like "there's a lot of hooking up, drinking, and smoking". i. was. stunned. WHAT THE HELL HAS MY DAD GOT ME AND MY BROTHER INTO!? i just wanted to have fun (not that kind of fun) and enjoy myself. i am so sick of my town. i just want to get out of here! but now i'm having second thoughts... And oh some piece on advice that my friend gave me "Courtney, don't go around hooking up with too many guys okay?" i don't know what kind of person you think i am but i am deffinately not what you think. Sweet Jesus, please protect me from this scary scary world. I BEG YOU!

this reminds me of this song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZt_8-dr_w8 don't watch the video it's quite terrible and it'll ruin the song which i quite like, but it doesn't mean i want to be a juvenile delinquent!!

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  1. HAHAH actually courtney, you're probably a wild party animal..somewhere in there. :P