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Monday, July 6, 2009

Good Bye America, Hello Formosa!

Formosa aka Taiwan, was a name given by the Dutch when they took over. it means beautiful island, which it is! I've actually been here for about a week but didn't get internet service until noww. Believe me, it was HELL. The weather is HOT HOT HOT. i was stupid and forgot my inhaler, but since you don't need a prescription for basically anything you can just buy one at the 7 Eleven (cool, right?). But i haven't felt the need to use it so that's good. Last time i almost passed out twice from an asthma attack. But, anyway, the shopping is great. i love going to the night markets which Taiwan is famous for. They sell cool little tinkets and keepsakes, toys, electronics, pets, clothes, shoes, & the great tasting food and desserts. There, you can usually find teens with really interesting style from thier shoes to thier hair. And guys, i've hit the JACKPOT. XimenDing is like the CENTRAL. So many hot guys with sexy dragon ball Z hair!! Too bad they're basically all taken with their girlfriends glued to their hips...grrr....young taiwanese guys should like Taiwanese American girls right?? ahaha.......My best friend is comming to visit Taiwan so it'll be double the fun!! Scoping out all the G's is what she calls them.

here's a pretty good picture of them. except. this would only be one strain of them since this is clearly a gothic group? So ku, right?

aaah i love the 2nd-guy-from-the-left's hair....frames his face so well!

So, in New England since we get a lot of foreign immigrants especially asians. We have a special name for them. FOBs which stands for FRESH OFF THE BOAT. This applies for asians that don't really change after moving here. I believe it has to do a lot with fashion sense more than anything. Like their style is still very Asian and not at all Americanized. (you can probably find a better, funnier, more exaggerated version on urban dictionary) So yes, we get a lot of those @ my school, esp. Korean. A lot of them come here to learn english and bc our school systems are better here. Like in some cases the parents from Korea ship their kids here and they live with host families. it's all very interesting, i find.

alright, that's all for now. i'm planning on doing a series on facts you should know about Taiwan. thats comming soon. bye!

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