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Saturday, July 25, 2009

I've been a bad bad girl.

i'm feeling pretty guilty right now. & i'm so sorry for not updating more often. Yes, camp is taking a lot of my time, but i've also been really really sick with a different symptom every week!! it's driving me insane! first it was my asthma, then upset stomach, the fever, and now it turned into the cough. wtf. can i just be normal? so, i'm sorry for the absence. i truely mean it. i miss blogging and scoping other blogs. *sniffle*the camp is taking up so much of my time it's rediculous!! we have 6 hours of class four times a week. there's homework. stupid competitions and activities. and i'm always tired. and i don't know why but i get sick really often here. i just got the fever and i felt really awful worse than i did when i get it back in the states. My muscles were sore, my throat hurt, i'd get the chills, my head was pounding so hard and i felt like it was going to explode. & i was so hot i felt like i could boil water with my own body heat. This happend on Saturday though, so my grandparents brought me to to the hospital to get me some hardcore meds. Within the next 12 hours, it's as if i was never was sick! Why can't all nonprescription drugs be this good. too bad i forgot them at my grandparents house so i went back to having the fever except a milder version. & now all my roomates and classmates are sick. And yes. they all blame me. they call me the sick mother that spread it to the children. It's not my fault A) my counselor hates me B) makes me sleep it off and C) won't get me medicine bc it's appearently illegal?!?! Well, ya know what? it's ain't gonna go away like that. so poohy, it's not like i like being sick, OKAY? (i recently got my counselor a little sick though MUAHAHAH...no, i'm not that evil to be happy about it)

so yea. this is why i haven't been able to update recently. it's also really hard sometimes when my roomates hog my laptop! i'll go the the bathroom or something, then pop! outta no where someone's on my computer! did you not see the screen? i'm busy.

BUT. but. But. the most exciting news ever?! (well, for me atleast) i got my lip peircing!!!i'm feelin' pretty bad ass right now & it looks really good! it healed up quickly and nicely, too. I got it done at XimenDing, Taipei. I was so anxious i kinda just got it done at this random place that sold earings but it was hard to find a place that would do the lip since a lot of places only had the gun. i'm not gonna lie i don't recomend you getting it done here. it was expensive!! (600NT = $20 USD considered expensive in taiwan) and not the most sanitary either. plus they don't really have a good selection of lip rings. erg. i'll tell the story later. it's pretty interesting i must say. right now i'm too tired.
night, night.
& p.s. it sucks being sick in 90° super humid weather.


  1. Aww feel better. I got a fever the last time I went to China...it's the weirdest feeling. And also complete hell, so I can totally emphasize with you.

    OMGOMG LET'S SEE THE PIERCINGGGGGGG. Did it hurt? Can you still eat, talk, make out, gargle; etc. normally? Gah, now I want one really badly. :P

  2. lip piercing?! i've always wanted oneee! LUCKY DUCKY. are you [asian] parents fine with itt?