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Friday, July 10, 2009

First Impressions of OCAC.

3 days into camp. & for the most part i love it!! i have great roomates + the people here are really nice. too bad i keep getting sick and i can't participate in all the activities. i don't know what it is but it feels like my stomach is in knots and it's hard to breathe then i get light headed. i can't get medicine b/c appearently it's illegal to give it to those under 18. I can't go to the doctor b/c it'll cost too much money. & there's no nurse. NO NURSE?! wtf?? this is an internetional camp, right? this should be required. stupid asians too stingy to pay for one... So all i can do really, is just sleep and wait for the day i pass out. One day, they'll see.

Another reason this camp kinda sucks. the food. it's pretty unappetizing. enough said.

&& the Bathroom!! the other night was one of the worst shower experiences i will ever experience. honest. it's smelly, slimy, grimy and it lurks creepy crawly things all over that place. + we have those squat toilets which are not only hard to use but they are just not sanitary since people miss all the time. Like i don't know why they keep making them if they probably know by now that even though everyone puts their butt on the same seat, it's easier to use and keep clean than those porcelean ditches. it takes years of skill to use that thing!! i go to Taiwan about every two years and i just perfected it the last time i was here. i am so glad. don't worry i'll give ya tips later to not miss. :)

^yea...it ain't actually this clean:(

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