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Friday, December 26, 2008

simple cures: the headache

advil not working? it may not cure it but it does ease the pain!
for headaches & feeling stuffy:
(like the times when you stare at the computer screen for 5 straight hours! ahem!)

remody: brushed teeth + iced water = a clear head and refreshed feeling.

try using a minty or cinamon toothpaste for a stronger effect and avoid the fruity ones.

drink acouple glasses of iced water

eating acidy fruits help give a refreshing feeling like oranges & grapefruit.

you can also throw in some mouth rinse (after brushed teeth) and lemon slices into ur water for an extra omph.

& Rest. - get off that computer or tv! and take a nap!

i randomly thought of this when i one day got the headache and i'm so glad it's worked ever since! i live by it! & dairy prodocts are a no-no. (i wonder if an ice pack to the forehead works...)

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