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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


journal entry #1

so i basically wanted to share the most brutal experience of my life (so far). so a couple days ago during winter break was my first time snowboarding. i was pretty much forced into doing it since i got a hand-me-down snowboard from my brother and my dad taught it would be a good experience to try something new......wrong. i could already tell that i was gonna really...well..FAIL (and suffer). looking at the other snowboarders i could tell it took a lot of coordination. A LOT. & i lack in that area along with a weak skinny body. so um to save money...lol, my brother taught me. but i kinda prefered that. so anyway it is super uncomfortable traveling around with a snowboard strapped around one of your feet. i looked like an alien with a snowboard. it was so foreign and awkward for my body it was so...ughh. well yea so people stared. and let me tell you how hard it is to get off the skii lift...damn hard. so your trying to balance off the little hill but your really tempted to put ur foot down on the snow cuz you want to slow down but that ends up making you fall...but i consistantly kept doing that. and it took me 45-1hour to go down this kind of a mellow but tall hill. and god was it scary. my brother was pretty good at trying to teaching me all the basics but it was just me who couldn't really do them...all i could do was literally turn left (into the woods)...and fall. every 5 seconds i would fall it was super annoying and painful! my shins, knees, BUTT, and back and all sore & brused. and this is pathetic but somtimes i would get up, lose my balance, and fall back down again. jeez. and it is SO hard and frustraing to get up. it's easiest to to get up by the knees and push up. but sometimes to do that you have to flip over. FLIP OVER. what a hassel. and by the next day still sore and dizzy, i noticed that my bicepts were sore too...odd...i hadn't fallen on my arms...but then i realized it was the entire muscle that was sore and it was because of all those 50 times i had to push my self up! WOW. i know.

i'm pretty good at skiing not gonna lie but snowboarding... is whole different story. if your naturally picked up snowboarding, you have no idea how jealous i am. if your weak and slow like me you'll prabably have an extremely painful...workout! (sorry about the ramble!) ~your first experiences??

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