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Saturday, January 17, 2009


journal entry #2

thursday was the most stressful school-related day of my life. it was so unbarable i was seriously gonna lose it. i hate dissapointing people but most of all i hate dissabpointing myself. that night i had less than 3 hours of sleep (i slept @3 in the morning) and i tried so hard to get everything done but it was so overwhelming the amount of work i got. first off my teachers don't follow the rules of test days (certain classes have tests for even/odd days), so i had a test/quiz for every single one of my majors along with that i had a lab, an essay, workbooks, worksheets, and a project all due that friday. are they insane?! even for each class separately that was a lot. i was seriously about to cry.
so friday came, i got acouple things done. but i just couldn't go to class. so i just stayed in the librbay all morning. the only reason why i even showed up at school was to go to art of the theatre which i really didn't mind going to since i enjoy it. but that day was the last class of the semester so my group had to present our final & they can't do it without me. anyway i thought it went really well. my group was going into it really unprepared but we improvised some parts (which is totally fine) and i'm really happy with how it turned out!
although my friend jared really did not like it even hearing from our hard-grading teacher that it was in the A range. he was just really upset because he accidently came in too early. he's really serious about this class and is really self-dissaplined but he shouldn't have expressed it so harshly. i absorb emotions really easily. and that angry frustrated feeling was not good. so after class, mid-school day i left. i don't ususally skip classs but
that day was just not good.

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