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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Superstar (the movie)

journal entry #3
btw for my art of the theatre final i played Helen from the movie Superstar[so funny!]. i wished i taped it :( i quite enjoyed my character and skit all together. it was very fun. i recomend that you watch it. at first i didn't really like it because of the weirdly perverted scenes but i watched it acouple more times and some of the scenes are pretty genius!

favourite lines:
Helen: Sky's a single slice of beefcake now! plus he's on the rebound. it's like so obvious that you two are gonna hook up!
Mary: You really think so?
Helen: Remember? Sky said you had nice moves which means he was looking at ur body, meaning he think's ur do-able. so basically he just asked you to sleep with him.
Mary: oh my god. this relationship's moving too fast.
some favourite scenes:
Supermodel documentary hour scene
helen is the red head.

I'm not a slut!
& mary is crazy..

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