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Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year, New Resolutions

late. & i don't know why this took a long time to write but.....HAPPY 2009!!! i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and you got what you had wished for. :]i'm always glad when the new year come around. You get this extended break & during that time you can rest and catch up on the unfinished things but best of all create a fresh start. all these years my priorities have always to attempt to satisfy my parents especially my dad since i really look up to him. but since i went thourgh this really deep depression phase the end of last school year and the beginning of this school year. things have changed a lot. especially my lifestyle. but i'll go deeper into those shenanigans later. but since i've seen my psycologist i've gotten a lot better (in 3 months!) and i don't feel the need to see my psycologist anymore! so thats exciting.

my previous goals for the last 2 years were so cliche. basiacally just to be sucessful in school. yea. didn't happen. my grades were inconsistent and still flexuated from a C to a B+. so that failed (well the C part. I'm ok with a B).

Basically, now i have a totally new mindset. it's not about making others happy. it's about making yourself happy by bettering yourself or doing the things you've always wanted to do. usually you'll think just about the BIG picture. and thats a big step. and when you look at it and you try to achive it, it's kind of overwhelming. so its better to just think about the steps to get there. baby steps is what really make the difference. thinking it in that way makes it more effective into actually happening. lol.

my goals for 2009:
community service: i haven't started yet but i'm looking around for things i'd actually enjoy doing and not just working at some library cause it's easy and i want to get it over with. so i've looked into pet shelters and soup kitchens and i'm really excited to start applying! i'll tell you how that goes but it'll probably start around spring when it's warmer.
school: ~be more organized. -makes a huge difference!
~only dedicate 1 1/2 hours to procrastination (a reasonable amount of time)on school days like surffing the web (you know what i mean). eliminating it completely would be too much to ask for.
~start homework earlier. usually i'd nap when i came home i'd lose track of time and it would be 8 o'clock!
~ask teachers for help! i remember doing it last year and it was a life saver! i don't know why i stopped but i'm definately getting back to that (because i am a slow learner lol). tip. a lot of teachers like it when you come after school so it gives a boost on what they think about you. basically you'll be much appreciated.
my attitude: lately i've been really bitter and quick tempered. no doubt i got it from my mom. so i'm really gonna try and...not do that. like the peaceful person that i am haha.
that's all i can think of right now. but if there's more i will update. :]

upcoming posts/projects i'd like to cover this year:
  • 2008's favourite products of the year
  • my dog, cats, and turtles
  • music preference
  • journal entries
  • t.v. shows
  • photography
  • the sexy hair list
  • quote entries (from my Quote book. yes i have one of those..)
  • childhood stories
  • and ofcourse fashion, makeup, & everything else that inspires me and makes me happy :)

ofcourse there will be more. i'd also like to get to making youtube videos and vlogs just to compliment this blog and to make it more personal. & sorry posts are comming out so slowly!! i just wanted to get this one over with so i can move on to the 5 other drafts that i already typed up! so more to come!& congradulations to OBAMA. i'm am so excited for the up comming 4 years (hopefully 8?)!

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