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Monday, January 12, 2009

Thanksgiving & Black Friday in NYC.

ok. obviously this is late lol but i started my blog in december so..don't blame me... anyway. i guess it wouldn't be a tradtion if it was just started 2 years ago but i'm sure that this tradition will definately continue. since my family has enjoyed it imensly. so since my mom has been "extremely" busy with her new resturant and has not been able to spend at much time at home doing homey things. aka no cooking AT ALL. SO it was obvious we weren't going to have a normal thanksgiving dinner like the previous years. but, insted my dad thought that taking a vacation to new york would be the best way to enjoy the thanksgiving break. DAMN. was he right. i'm inlove with new york. & black fridays call for intense bargin hunting & the imfamous christmas shopping. where else but the shopping capital of the world! i found everything i needed for each and every one of my friends & family. and i'm so glad most of them i was able to make so personal! (haul #2)
things i got for my friends & the fam:
"Crocked rain, Crocked rain" CD by Pavement, Fantastic purfume, Ikea cookies ($3.25), Coka-cola salt & pepper shakers {can i say nifty!?} ($14), Rolling Stones alarm clock ($15), drum & guitar Mug stuffed with truffles ($6), cell-phone charm($3), purple mascara + lipgloss($11), knit hat from h&m ($3.50) graphic mug($5), Jumbo NY Mug ($7), Masaki Matsushima roll on purfume ($16)
adding everything together i spent on average less than $12 each. not bad. not gonna lie. i'm pretty good at finding deals.

Gift ideas: get mugs and stuff them with truffles or packets of hot cocoa or whatever else you prefer. & you can get these really cute and cheap ones at ikea for only 50CENTS!!! ------->

talking about christmas presents, i hate when people ask you what you want for christmas. like you've known me for a while now (maybe years)...you KNOW what i like or what i'd be interested in. GOD. the thing about christmas morning is that it's exciting because of the suprises they bring. it would be a bummer if i already knew. but whatever, some of my guy friends are still stupid and cannot think for themsleves! (just in that area! lol)

if you are one of those people. here's a tip. obviously think about what they're interested in. but also think deeper about previous conversations you've had with them. maybe there's something you'd think they'd want to try or be interested in. If you can't, you can juat get a box of chocolates or cookies as a last resort. if they end up not liking those kinds of things well then... you're screwd. it is pretty cliché, so try to be creative and thoughtful.
planning on going to ny sometime? places to check out:
in Time sq.:
Virgin Moble Mega Store, mtv store, Billabong, element stores


Flushing Mall
[in flushing chinatown]-amazing chinese/taiwanese food court & you have to check out this store called Banzai 99cent they sell the cutest little things at good prices!
FASHION Boutique & big name brand CENTRAL.
Canal St.
bargin purfumes, jewelry, i♥ny products & other trinckets for really cheap.
but beware of counterfit purfumes! make sure you know what the certian one your looking for smells like and they usually open it up for you so look carefully!
but if you ask me. Time Sq. is really all you need. don't forget the local suvineer stores!

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