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Friday, March 6, 2009

Time 2 Dye.

ok so. the attempt with purple burgundy hair with the @ home hair dying kit...um it did not go as planned.
Used: Clairol Hydrience in #34 Tropic Burgundy
Going for: dark purple-brown
Result: subtle red. not even really purple.
Reaction: DISSAPOINTED. ugh i don't know what happened exactly. i left it in over night fully saturated! poop. will have to try again.
Before: brown with light brown highlights.
After: ....i don't see a difference either.

bottom line: don't buy this shit.
but oh guess what! i'm so excited. appearently i've been such a good child i get to have a haircut and get my hair professionally dyed paid in couresty of my dad. i usually have to pay for my own haircuts and whatnot. & i haven't gotten it profesionally dyed in god. 5 years. which was back in the fifth grade with golden blonde highlights..yea. those were the days.

i like experimenting with hair. especially dying. i'm thinking, a little bit of pink at the end of my grown-out bangs? ...yes. deffinately.i'm not quite sure what cut i want yet though. will update.

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