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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Skincare etc. Tips (11)

mini update: i try to be as informational and as helpful as possible which takes awhile to research, type, and edit. what has been excessively time consuming is my 2008 favourites post. uuuggh but it's ok it'll be up maybe in 2 weeks? anyway resently i've noticed that i've been getting frequent headaches and dizziness and i've felt unusually tired and weak. then i realized that my eye circles have been more purple and i've been sleeping! it's vacation! so i couldn't really find a diagnosis until i've read in a magazine that stress can cause these symtoms...ahem MOM! but over vacation was i guess the time when my body was unleashing the stress and this is what happened. all i can say is thank god for tylanol! because it toltally eased the head throbbing pain.

Skincare etc. facts/tips:
Although prescribed acne medicines (like retonal and clamidycine) are more powerful, effective, and fast-working, they may begin to wear off because your skin gets use to it. however drugstore medications like salasylic acid and benzoid peroxide don't have that effact so alternating between the two will end up being more effective. & sometimes what usually works may suddenly "break you out". bad. and it may seem like the treatment isn't working but it's not. it's just your skin freaking out. so blame it on your hormones.

Turns out spf is pretty much bad for you (bummer i know). On the skin it creates free radicals which in the long run can creat more damage to the skin in one day than not wearing any at all. Not a problem. thanks to antioxidents, they help neutralize these free radicals and you don't have to reapply, antioxidents will usually last even into the next day. so choose a facial cleanser or moisterizer with antioxidents. here's acouple. 2 even come in spf.
(right to left: the body shop Vitamin C moisturizer SPF 15, Garnier Nutritionist Detoxifying Cleanser, Neutrogena Anti-oxident Moisturizer w/ helioplex spf 15)
clumpy mascara? toothbrush to the rescue. dampen the bristles and run it along the lashes acouple times until the clumps are out. it may take away some mascara but thats not a problem either. just reapply another coat and it won't clump. [i live by this!]

you can also use a soaped up toothbrush to clean the dirt out of the tips of ur fingernails and toe nails. ofcourse you a separate on from the one used for your teeth.

Painting fingernails are a pain in the butt (well for me atleast) but finally i found an effective tip to make them dry faster after those nummerous layers. juat take a bowl of icy water and let ur fingertips soak for about 5 minutes. it'll make them hard as rock. {my friend almost fainted after litterally blowing on her nails so hard just to make them dry...lol} & please have clean and even-length fingernails. + don't cut your cuticles! they protect the nails. (too bad i didn't know that when i was younger...)

From lotions, cleansers and toners. how you apply them counts twards the future. always try to rub upward and avoid downward applications. and for the eye area rub in from the outer corner to the bridge of your nose. & be gentle to your skin. we don't want premature wrinkles!

Let your skin breathe. for about once or twice a month i won't use a treatment/wash for my face before i go to bed (unintentionally from late nights...) but i've noticed that my skin is in better condition and no caused breakouts! sometimes your skin needs a break from all the cleansers and treatments. it'll use the time and natural oils to kind of regenerate i guess. i wake up brighter and more moisterized.

Use treatments at night. it'll be more effective. again. sleep is the time when your mind rests and your body heals and regenerates. so your skin will work with you to heal scaring, pimple, etc. And during the daytime the sun can actually leasen the effectiveness too. damn sun.
You probably already know this but apply body lotion to moistened skin after getting out of the shower. your skin will soak in more moisture and lock it in when it's dry. Same with the face but apply when still damp. unless your using a toner. insted just quickly apply the toner and when dry use the lotion. p.s. Cleansers are ment to cleanse the face of dirt, bacteria, makeup, and oils depending on your needs. don't depend on it to treat anything even if it's medicated. it may help unclogg pores but it's not going to dry up a pimple.

Facial lotion is deffinately a nessecity. no matter how oily/normal your skin is. Having it moisturized is the #1 of importance. if you have combination/oily skin moisterizers can evenly distribute the oils on your face keeping the face evenly moisterized. although do not depend on it to moisturize cracked, irratated, extremely dry areas, you may need a thicker one.

Don't turn down all facial products with oils or alcohol. the myth that moisterizers with oil will clog pores/ cause breakouts & that toners with alcohol will dry out the skin. Oils like tea tree oil (known to kill bacteria), jajoba oil (good moisterizer) , and lavender oils (to soothe skin) are there for a reason. And from my experience they're more moisturizing. Same with the alcohol toners. They are more effective with helping to dry up existing oils and removing more left over dirt/makeup your cleanser leaves behind. (hope in a jar by Philosophy w/ Lavender oil- i love this stuff!)
Bottomline: try out what works for you and do your own research.

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