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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mac Haul: Hello Kitty

Journal entry #6
The other day was my first time inside the MAC store. I was pretty pumped being in there but it wasn't an experience or anything. it just shopping for makeup. but it seems all so professional it's kinda intimidating. i mean i like how Sephora is all bright and open. but then 8 year olds walk in and blast makeup on thier faces then walk out looking like clowns which is a con. but anyway (i say anyway a lot) this is how it went:
i walk in, i see the hello kitty display and my eyes are glued. okay actually scratch that i'm not going to do the cookie recipe. basically i went in eyes rummaged through the hello kitty and blonde burnette redhead collection and some random eyeshadows. BUT in the meanwhile, as i'm looking around this mac guy walks up to me asks me if i need any help finding anything and i say "no just lookin' round" and he's like "oh okay well i'll be right here"...and he's litterally standing...right there...breathing down my neck. (well no i didn't feel his breath on my neck but any closer and i would have. then i would punch him in the face and run out.) gladly. that did not happen then i asked for a, b, and c. and he ripped it out faster than you can say "what is wrong with you". but the guy ended up being really nice. he said the word "cool" a lot. not once but twice whenever he said it as he nodded his head. plus he said it in a way where he didn't even pronounce the "l". well. the next time i go, i hope to see him again! cuz he was pretty "coo".
What i got: e/s in Pincurl (from BBR collection), Lip Conditioners Spf 15: Popster (right), Pink Fish (left)

review: I love them! especially Pincurl which is a grey frost with a lavender-silver sheen. so pretty! & the lipconditioners are pigmented + conditioning. Popster is a hot pink & Pnk Fish is a baby kinda barbie pink but it's i would say univerally flattering!

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