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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Day I Pulled an All Nighter...

Journal entry #8
oy vey. okay. i should not have not blogged last week. so much has happened. and i feel like shit haha. Seems like everytime i do one of these updates i'm always stressed. hmm when am i not?the other day i pulled an allllll nighter for this big world history test which i wanted to get atleast and A on. so i took my daily naps and woke up at around 6. did all my homework but started studying for the test at around 12 midnight. i went through all the chapters and going over my notes, reinforcing everything and by the time i was finished it was 6a.m. and my alarm clock rang. "OP! time to take a shower!" haha i hate my life. not even a nap that night :( and boy, did that screw up my whole day. i was suprisingly really awake throughout the whole school day. and my friend stated that not sleeping for more than 12 hours can throw your body's natural chemisty off. and she was completelly right. i got home and was gonna take my daily nap [haha] but I WAS LOCKED OUT OF MY HOUSE. so i stayed at my friend's house which was 10 houses down the street. and by then it was 4. do you know what happens at 4?! OPRAH is what happens at 4. so i watched it while attempting to do my wld history hw. yea. 5 minutes into it i dozed off on the couch and an hour later the show had just ended. great. (honestly i don't really like oprah, but i find that her show is really eye opening.) so then i go to my friend's room hoping that doing hw with her will motivate me. wrong. i blacked out for 2 hours and got nothing done. that was pretty much the rest of my day i got home and slept til 3 in the morning. drank some water and walked around. then i slept again til school. so basically i was stupid stayed up all night, got extremely sleep deprived, slept all day, and got nothing done. & oh that history test was hard as always but i'm glad i studied. this is really bad but i haven't studied for any of her tests this year hence i got a C+ average on tests so...pretty big step.

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