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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Trick? or Treat?

October has come and gone! Is it just me or did it go by super SUPER fast. & Halloween isn't getting as much hype as it used to. darn. this really makes me miss childhood. but i still had so much fun going out trick-or-treating with my friends around the neighborhood...anddd i'm 17..i wonder how long i'm gonna keep doing this lol.

So...my friends and i went to this house and the guy openS the door. he seemed kinda ...suprised to see us.. he leaves us at the door, goes to a closet, and comes out with a trick-or-treat bag with candy in it... He digs through, and in his hands, there's candy (normal)and then, we see the candy wrappers........he picks out the wrappers and says with a nervous enthusiasm, "anyone want a snickers!?" my friends and i look at each other like wtf! and say "it's ok..." then we speed walk outta there asap! i feel bad for that man. THE END.
Well, anyway my friends didn't dress up this year but 2 years ago my friend didn't have a costume so with some brainstorming, i came up with an awesome idea! Jess and i made this rubiks cube that victoria's wearing. isn't it great?! we shoulda jumbled up the colors though.

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